Woo Woo Wednesday: October 26th Edition

Every Wednesday on Instagram, I celebrate Woo Woo Wednesday, by embracing all the magical “out there” and “in here” Woo you can find in the Land of Mystic.

I celebrate by doing a Tarot card reading on behalf of the planet, and in the future plan to incorporate other occult, divinatory and meditative practices.

It has become incredibly popular on social media, so I decided to incorporate it into a weekly blog segment.

Today, I am using the Thoth Tarot Deck ~ my oldest Tarot Companion and nearest and dearest to my heart.

Let’s Talk About Thoth

Aleister Crowley named his Egyptian style Tarot deck “The Book of Thoth” because it invoked an occult wisdom ~ Thoth being known as the Egyptian God of Wisdom.

I have long been fascinated with Thoth. He is a very powerful deity/character/entity. You will recognize him in Egyptian hieroglyphics as the man with the head of an ibis (bird). He sometimes holds an ankh, the symbol for eternal life – also the shape of the electro-magnetic energy field around our bodies, or with papyrus reeds because he is credited with introducing writing to the world – an act that changed the course of our evolution and consciousness more than any other act EVER!

He is also credited with creating art, language, the alphabet, religion, and the sciences ~ including numbers, astrology, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, surveying, medicine, and botany.


The Greeks called him Hermes, the Romans called him Mercury.

As Hermes, Thoth was said to have succeeded in understanding the mysteries of the heavens and then revealed them by inscribing them in sacred books: the Hermetic Text. These writings have influenced occultism, witchcraft, magic, and esoteric practices. The Hermetic Texts contain: 4 books on astrology, 10 books on law, 10 books on sacred rites,2 on music6 on medicine, and the rest on writing, cosmography, geography, and mathematics!  


Most of the Hermetic Texts were lost during the burning of the royal libraries in Alexandria. The rest were supposedly buried in the desert where they remain today. It is said that a few initiates of the mystery schools and ancient secret societies know where they are.

Thoth as a Spirit Guide

Like other beings ~ Jesus, Buddha, Archangel Michael, angels and guides ~ Thoth can be called upon for wisdom and information. 

For me, Thoth brings up A LOT of energy! I feel more humbled and in awe of his presence. Jesus is approachable, accepting and loving. I feel my 4th Chakra Compassion open in his presence. Buddha is neutral for me – a 6th Chakra clarity without judgment. And Archangel Michael is an empowering, badass slayer ­– a 3rd Chakra owning of my Will and Power. 

When I meditate or call upon Thoth, it is a completely different experience than with any other being/Guide. Thoth makes me vibrate intensely, to the core. My 7th (Crown) Chakra (halo) lights up and my head tingles with electricity. I have goosebumps all over as I write this!

On to The reading!

Woo Woo Wednesday October 26

Below is a photo of the cards I picked for today.

Before I choose cards, I meditate and open myself to the collective energies that we may be dealing with. I usually choose cards ‘telekinetically,’ that is, I lay my palms across the cards feel the energy of a card warm at my palm chakra. 

Today, two of the cards literally jumped from the deck as I was preparing them ~ in other words, they chose us! 

So now, sit quietly. Clear your mind and heart. Take a few slow, deep breaths. And think of a question, or something you want information about. Then look at the photo of the cards and see or feel which one resonates with you.

Then continue to The Reveal below.

Pick A Card

 Woo Woo Wednesday Pick a Card

The Reveal 

Woo Woo Wednesday The Reveal

Card 1 ~ The Sun

Woo Wo Wednesday The Sun

One of the most favorable cards in the deck! The Universe is conspiring in your favor right now. The Sun is the symbol of life and light. It shines on earth making all life possible ~ a power that is generously given without reducing itself.

Are you feeling revitalized? More energy today than in the recent past? Maybe you are feeling a renewed sense of purpose, drive, confidence or inspiration. When The Sun shines on you, this is what happens.

The Sun is the 19th Major Arcana card, that represents the whole picture of your Hero’s Journey through life, the part about teamwork, partnership, collaboration, and cooperation; how we collectively work together to create a life.

You can see 2 divine beings basking in the glow of the sun, and all 12 of the zodiac signs represented within the rays shining down.

Look around you. Is there collaboration ready to happen? Synergy happens when two or more people come together creating something greater than what can be created on their own. Blessings are exponential. Love, friendship and partnership are indicted.

The Sun is the ultimate ‘YES’! It brings luck, wellness, enthusiasm, success and positivity. If you have been struggling, depressed or in the Moon-state, morning is rising and things are about to get waaaay better.

Embrace your destiny and apply that enthusiasm to your Big Dream or Impossible Possible. The sun shines easily and naturally, without effort, let it shine through you to manifest your goals.

It also represents a time of enlightenment, both in heart and head: happiness and joy, as well as a higher level of insight, understanding and intellectual breakthrough. You may find yourself ‘awakening’ to a whole new state of consciousness. Welcome!

Card 2 ~ The High Priestess

Woo Woo Wednesday The High Priestess

Another Major Arcana Card, number 2, the High Priestess represents the universal principles of intuition, self-trust and certainty. She is ‘I’-sight, rather than eyesight~In-sight, rather than outer sight; the Guardian of the Unconscious helping you access this deep, internal wisdom and apply it to your worldly existence. 

She appears today to validate you, telling you to listen to and trust your intuition. That question you just asked; she says that you already know the answer. 

Yep. That answer. Sometimes we invalidate our true knowing because it didn’t come through logic or rationalization. Stop second guessing or rationalizing or trying to make it into a different answer. 

You know when you know, and she says, you already know

Right now, you are in tune, and your intuition is providing you with useful, accurate information.

Trust it.

The High Priestess encourages you to set aside time to meditate so you can hear your inner voice more clearly and more often. When you see the consistency and accuracy of your insight you will build more trust and certainty in yourself.

Look at this card. She is dressed in light. She is more light and energy than she is form. Maybe you are experiencing yourself as more spirit than body lately.

You can also see that she is applying her energetic vision and bringing it forth into creation. See the energy around her eyes? And how her arms are open wide? She is conjuring the physical into existence from the ethers, making reality out of the Quantum Field.

At her feet is the bounty~her manifestations~the physical form she has brought forth just by In-Visioning them into reality. 

She is the Law of Attraction. Be like that! Practice your ability to manifest your desires in no effort!

Card 3 ~ Prince of Disks

Woo Woo Wednesday Prince of Disks

Wow! This card is such a contrast to the other two today. This card is very grounded in the physical.

Court cards can either represent someone who is in your life right now, or who will be showing up in your life. They also can represent a part of your personality you are mastering right now. The Disks is the suit governing your physical reality.

The Prince of disks is a mover and builder. He’s all about getting physical. #BeastMode #Hustle and #Grind are all about this guy!

He’s driving a chariot, forging ahead like a bull. 

In his chariot, he carries away boulders. Are these obstacles in your way that you are removing so you can build a better future? Is this baggage you are taking to the dump? Are you moving mountains rock by rock?

The Prince of Disks is an architect. He says you are building a new world for yourself, moving out the old, so you have room for something new. You may be actually moving somewhere new and packing your chariot with your belongings! I know a few of you doing that soon. If you choose this card today, I am going to laugh!

The Prince of Disks is also a gym rat. He’s the guy in the weight room with the protein shake. So if you have an inclination to get in shape, or start a new fitness program, he is your inspiration her to support you. He may even be your new personal trainer!

This Prince works in a very methodical and rigorous manner. While his visions are not earth-shattering, or original, he is reliable, committed and everything he undertakes meets with success. 

He follows routines, checks of his list, implements things step by step, and works hard. 

You may be growing weary or feel like quitting, but this card says keep doing what you are doing. Even if it feels like you are plodding along, you ARE making progress. It may not be exciting, but over time, you are going to reach your goals.

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