Two New Journeys for 2016!!

I’m BIG into fresh starts and new beginnings. So I LOOOOVE a new year! I start contemplating my goals and “evolution solutions” for the new year in November so I can be R.E.A.D.Y. when the ball drops.

For 2015, I wanted to achieve nutritional balance and embarked on an Anti-Candida Cleanse with Joy’s Kitchen. I loved it so much I did several times throughout the year. I also did one round of Whole 30. Both of these programs taught me soooo much about my relationship to food (and NON-food) and I was able to maintain a better dietary balance throughout the whole year. So 2015 was a success!

So what’s it gonna be for 2016???!!!

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Well, this year, I have decided on not one, but TWO, resolutions. I am SUPER-excited about both.

Over the past 30 years, I have experienced many paranormal/psychic/intuitive phenomena. In the beginning, I didn’t understand them and I couldn’t control them. But after spending years exploring and training, I learned how to control them and utilize them to my advantage. Eventually, I led workshops, teaching others how to recognize, accept, and develop their skills in these areas.

In recent years, I have learned how to control them so well that I have shut them down 50% of the time. I allow myself to be Soul-Full in some parts of my life, but then hide them into the closet for the other, “rational,” part of my life. I’ve felt fragmented because of this and have decided that this is not acceptable to me anymore. I want to live fully and authentically in my life 100% of the time. And that means brining the Soul Skills out of the closet.

I have created a game plan for myself this year, with the goal of integrating my soul skills into my everyday life. I am so excited about it, that I want to invite you to join me on the journey.



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“Living Soul Side Out – Integrating Your Soul Skills into Everyday Life” is an informal, web-based workshop I will be offering during 2016. There will be lessons, downloadable guides and worksheets, some live, Periscope sessions, video installments, interactive conversations, and Q&A sessions throughout the whole year.

If you have ever desired to enhance your intuition and apply it to your everyday life in a practical way, this is a gentle and safe space to do that. Not only will you learn about the different Soul Skills available to you, you will learn tools and techniques for opening them up and being able to utilize them. You will be able to dabble or go as deep with them as you are comfortable.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting a little bit more about this opportunity, but if you are already intrigued or interested in joining me, fill out the contact form at the end of this post and I will be sure to send you all the details!

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2015 also saw me resurrecting my Soul Journaling practice and for 2016, I want to take this to the next level!

I have been investigating workshops for a couple of months that could inspire and teach me new techniques and I found it with Wanderlust 2016.

Wanderlust is also a year-long, online journey.

Wanderlust classes are for all creative souls: age, skills and time available doesn’t matter.

Each week a guest or resident teacher will teach a technique via videos which are downloadable with PDF instructions provided. 50 hours of amazing video instruction, access to a forum with a friendly community, inspiration, challenges, discussions, galleries, workshops, interviews, and giveaways.

This year-long workshop might be for you:

  • If you who have wanted to learn more about mixed media, art journaling, techniques and products.
  • If you are a beginner and don’t know how to start your creative journey.
  • If you are already advanced but want to make a step forward, go in a different direction and try something else.
  • If you are already advanced but want to explore your own style and improve skills.
  • If you feel stuck with creativity and need a push to create again in a way that will satisfy you.

The cost for this year-long creative journey is about $98.24 US, (the facilitators are in Great Britain.) For a years worth of creative lessons I thought this was a STEAL!



I am not making any commission off of this recommendation, nor did I receive a discount for sharing it with you. I found it for myself and am sharing it for those who might be interested in PLAYING more in 2016!

If you are interested in joining Wanderlust 2016, you can learn more about it HERE.

And remember to look for a blog post about the “Living Soul Side Out” Sessions in the next couple of days. If you already know you are interested in joining me, don’t forget to fill out the contact form below!

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