Trust More

I’m a striver. When I want something, I set out for it. I plan. I work. I hustle. I tackle.

ACTION is my modus operandi.

I was on a walk the other day, taking my time and enjoying nature, when I received a very clear message. You see, you can only hear spirit when you slow down long enough for it to cut through the chatter. It took advantage of my relaxed state to say,

“Trust more.”

Clear as a bell.

When spirit talks, it speaks on all levels. Not only did I hear it… yeah, in my ear… I saw it in my mind’s eye, and, even better, I felt it in my core. It was a buoyant feeling, like I was being carried. The weight of burdens and the pressure of demands were lifted off and being handled by Source. My desires were being manifested in a state of No Effort.

That was how spirit communicated to me in that instant, showing me my life if I were to follow its advice.

Being your typical human, I have these moments of incredible, powerful insight and clarity that I immediately forget after my next nap when I immediately start running and freaking out about all I want and need to do.

But I am not going to forget this time. In fact, I am going to test this out–run a little experiment.

“Prove it!” is my response. I am committing to making Trust a spiritual practice and allowing the Universe to show up for me.

Namaste y’all,

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