The Soul’s Code

In his bestseller, The Soul’s Code, James Hillman proposed that each of us has a calling, and inborn imperative, coded into our very soul and that in order to find fulfillment with our lives, we have to realize that calling.

This invisible guiding force, ever urges us toward our destiny, ever prods us to live our highest truth. The Romans called it our ‘genius’. The Greeks called it the ‘daimon’.

How many of us are living according to our soul’s code?

How many of us are following our deep-seeded spark of genius?

Are you?


Flaming Heart - Mixed Media Soul Journal Page

Flaming Heart – Mixed Media Soul Journal Page


My guess would be that only 10% of us are. The other 90% of have forsaken it—set it aside for various reasons. Maybe because we have to be responsible grown-ups and work at jobs and pay rent and raise our children and survive? Maybe because we don’t know what our calling is in the first place?

Daimon is the Greek derivative of the word demon. And isn’t it so true that when we deny our calling, when we shove our destiny, our dreams, our passions, deep down within us, they turn on us. Instead of being the higher voice of the divine inspiring us to our greatness, it becomes the demon that eats away at us from the inside because we won’t let it out.

When I look around, I see that a lot of us are living with a rabid daimon. Left in the cage it creates havoc. Are you depressed? Do you constantly feel irritated or angry? Does everything you touch turn to dust? Do you wonder why your life doesn’t seem to go anywhere? Or why it brings no lasting joy or pleasure?

I know that place well. I have tread quietly around my daimon my whole life. Every, other thing has taken took precedent over listening to the call of my purpose. And when I do that, my life always seems out of sync… off… flat.


Flaming Heart - Mixed Media Journal Spread

Flaming Heart – Mixed Media Journal Spread


After a lot of contemplation about my passions and their driving daimon, I have realized that I am coded to EXPLORE and EXPRESS. I am a hunter/gatherer of story and experience–bellying up to the bar of life and chatting with its local strangers…absorbing it all…making it mine…crafting it into another story-form from my perspective…then expressing it back into the world through writing, art, dancing, or a conversation.

When I stop denying my soul’s code, and do what it is I am meant to do, in whatever form it takes, everything shifts.

Life isn’t perfect. Stresses and problems still exist. But my outlook is completely different. I have an intense spark of joy in my heart. There is a thrill to getting up each morning. There is excitement and anticipation as to what is possible.

As long as a touch base with my daimon every day, do just one thing I came into this body and onto this planet to do, the rest of the bullshit is, well just bullshit.

My daimon rewards me for listening. My daimon rises up to meet my efforts with divine assistance. And MIRACLES abound!

What is your soul’s code? What is your daimon driving you to do?

Soul Side Out - Recycled Magazine Paper Weaving & Doodles

Soul Side Out – Recycled Magazine Paper Weaving & Doodles

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