Summer Visitors

Ms. Mantis to you

Every summer I have interesting interactions with these amazing creatures who live in my yard. I’ll be out nurturing my little slice of nature, and one will slip out from under a leaf to say “Hello!”

One night, there was a beauty chilling on my front door. She actually hung around my sactuary portal for several days.


Another night, I found one fighting off my feline friend. Barely 3 inshes small, she stood up on her haunches and wiggled her insectual arms at him. I placed my hand down in front of her and she readily climbed on, knowing I was taking her to higher, safer ground.


Last summer, I had an exceptional experience with one.

My boyfriend and I were sitting on the back porch in the late evening enjoying a glass of wine and discussing our current state of affairs. We are both in a state of transition, wondering about our purposes in life, and what are souls are calling us to do. Both of us feel lost, him in his quarter-life crisis and I in my mid-life one.

Out of nowhere this large winged beast landed on my shoulder. I freaked out. My boyfriend freaked out. Something that big and green doesn’t usually land ON you!

After a bit of a coniption fit, the creature flitted off onto a plant where I was able to see her.

This girl didn’t just sit there and stare at us, she actually engaged us; cocking her head from side to side, moving her mouth and sticking her tonguey thingy out. It seriously looked like she was talking to us.

Licking Mantis

At one point, she reached out and started motioned to me, like a baby asking to be lifted up off.. I tentatively stuck my finger in front of her and she happily trotted up my finger and onto the back of my hand.

Mantis Kapernicking

These interactions with thiese”bugs” have just as much CONNECTION as one would expect to have with a dog, horse or some “higher” form of life form. And they always remind me to be mindful of that. No connection is insignificant. Whether it is with our children, our partners, family, friends – our pets… OURSELVES… Nature… or Spirit.

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