“Starting Over” The Soul Journal Resurrection

New Soul Journal 1


Way way back – on November 11, 2000 to be exact – I decided I was bored with my traditional journal keeping; you know, the typical “Dear Diary, I feel really fat today…”

I went to Borders (remember that place?) and picked up a big scrapbook/sketchbook. I decided to “decorate” my pages before I wrote “Dear Diary, I feel fat today…”

For the next 12 years, my diary evolved into an art journal, then into what I call my Soul Journal.

While I have dabbled occasionally with pages, I have fallen out of dedicated practice the past 3 years, and I have noticed my soul has suffered. During some recent soul-searching, I decided I needed, no, I deeply desired, to resurrect several of the creative endeavors I once passionately enjoyed.

Soul Journal is #1. Soul Side Out.com is #2. (It’s a long list, btw…)

So I went to my Borders replacement (Amazon Prime) and gathered some toys for the PLAY!box.

STEP 1:  The Journal Choice. I LOOOOVE Moleskine Journals!!!! By far my favorite choice. Because I feel like I am starting from square one, I chose a smaller, Moleskine Cahiers package. They are cheap, so it isn’t a strain on the wallet, and the smaller blank page is less intimidating than a big, blank page. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly flimsy composition. These books can handle your PLAY!

STEP 2: GESSO to Prep the Cover. Seriously, just dribble some different blobs on the cover like you think Pollack would do. Then smear it around. Then get a damp paper towel and smear it some more. Let it dry. Blob some more. Do it until you feel good about it. I spent 30 seconds on this, as you can tell from the photo above. The gesso helps you control the other media (ink, marker, paint) on the page. It keeps my pen-work from being absorbed or spreading on the paper.

STEP 3: DOODLE! This is the zen part. Grab a pen. My favorite is Pilot Precise V5  Extra Fine. You can get it seriously get them anywhere (Side Note: While you can buy these products anywhere, I provided the AStore to make it easier – but  they are cheaper here. For instance, the Moleskine at Barnes and Noble was $18.95, on Amazon they are $10.99) If you want to feel more like The Artiste, Faber Castelle PITT artist pens are great… I use them in Sepia.

GOOGLE “Zentangle Flowers”, or whatever you feel like doodling, find a doodle you like, and use it as a guide for your own doodles. If you want to copy it your first time, go ahead. You DO NOT have to be original. This is for you. You are learning and playing. I usually use images for inspiration and improv my own style and markings.


New Soul Journal 3


GOOGLE “Hand Drawn Lettering” and find a style of lettering you’d like to imitate. I went with the first thing that popped in my head, Starting Over, because I feel like a brand newbie at this again. Yes. 12 years of experience and I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m winging it. How scary and exhilarating is THAT!!??


New Soul Journal 2


Adult Coloring Books are the New Old Thing. This is the same idea, only you get to color your own doodles! Soooooo relaxing! Really! You get in the zone and feel so HAPPY! I took my journal to work. I am a 911 Dispatcher at a police department in my jobtime and one night I doodled my flowers and lettering during my downtime and the next night I colored. It is a fantastic way to keep stress in check.

I used cheap-cheap poster markers. Stay in the lines… only because the acetone in the markers can make your ink work bleed sometimes. Don’t worry about the “mistakes.” You can fix them with inking or some gesso later… or leave them, they add character. Another favorite product of mine are Sakura Souffle pens. They write on top of anything: paint, oil pastels, on glass, and they show up on darker colors. 3D! Super fun! Super versatile! I used them to accent my marker coloring to give the drawing dimension.


New Soul Journal 4


STEP 5: PLAY! Until you feel “done.” You’ll know it in your gut. Your Soulchild will say, “Yep, all good! Need a snack!” Add your Mark and sit back and admire.


New Soul Journal Finished Cover


My Soulchild is so so happy to be back in this space!

Wanna join me?

Yeah? Come back and visit for more creative endeavors, Soul Journal pages, Journal Prompts, Workshops, and Inspiration. Untill next time…


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