Uploads & Downloads: September 2017 Transmission

Hello Kindred Spirits and Soul Mates!

It has been a while now hasn’t it? I hope this message finds you well and in flow!

The past few months have been full of so many changes! If you feel like your head is spinning or are having a lot of vertigo you are not alone! Maybe some headaches and neck pain from the whiplash of trying to keep up with a new and different reality every morning you wake up? Or even a few times a day? Yep, yep!

In fact, as I sit down to write this missive, I am in the throes of all of it! As we approach the New Moon on Wednesday, September 20th and the Autumnal Equinox right after on Friday, September 22nd, I thought it would be good time to touch base and assure you that you are not alone, you are not crazy, and the struggle is real!

Astro~Weather Report

There has been a LOT of planetary/astrological activity this year; the combined retrogrades of Mercury and Uranus, the Total Solar Eclipse in August, recent and intense solar storms, and the Lunar Occultation that is occurring today.

A lunar occultation is when the moon passes in front of a faraway celestial object, like the eclipse of the sun, but today the moon will block Venus, then Mars, and then Mercury in the sky ~ all within a 24 hour timeframe!

Because everything is connected energetically, our energy is affected by these planetary events. It really helps to be aware and to be gentle with yourself if you notice you are reacting to them. When I feel ‘off’ physically, mentally or spiritually, the first thing I do is look at what may be taking place on an interplanetary level. Just understanding that helps me respond to my energetic needs better.

New Moon in Virgo

On the 20th, the new moon of September will continue the theme of change that began with the solar eclipse in August.

The solar eclipse was a doozy, wasn’t it!? Well, this new moon will emphasis minor adjustments and course corrections, rather than massive ones. Instead of completely changing your goals, it will be about changing the way in which you are going to achieve them. If you had a massive shift in August, this will be a time when you really adjust to and realign with your dreams and desires.

New moons usher in new beginnings…a mini clean slate. Maybe take some time to be mindful, and honor what has changed and set intentions from how you want to move forward.


Then Friday comes the seasonal change, where Autumn pushes the summer away. In the northern hemisphere Spring and Summer are all about ramping up, energizing, going and doing! So much fun and excitement! But you may be starting to feel the drag of inertia trying to slow you down. And you may find yourself resisting it, trying to plow ahead and keep up the same momentum. Are you wondering why it is exhausting, rather than invigorating?

Again, adjustments are necessary! Reflect on how you can embrace Autumn’s special rhythm, while still fulfilling your purpose, mission and goals. Work with her gifts, rather than fight her. Her pace may be slower, but the results are deeper, more meaningful, and longer lasting.

Ultranormal Activity

Many of you may also be experiencing more Ultranormal activity. I don’t like calling it ‘paranormal’ because it connotes that it is outside the norm. Our spiritual gifts and experiences are a natural part of our reality, we just think they are special or rare because we focus on 3D too intensely.

These last few months have been ULTRA-Ultranormal! I saw a UFO in my neighborhood. I have had more ‘visitations’ than usual. My dreamtime travels have been longer, more vivid, and I am retaining them better. I have also become very aware of shifting timelines and dimensions as it is happening.

Have you experienced anything inexplicable or more intense recently? I would love to hear from you! Drop my a line and tell me about it!

So Where the Heavens Have I Been Anyway?

Like I said, everything has a time and a space. And this past Spring, Universe told me, “It’s time to finish your novels.”

That meant it was time to really FOCUS! I quit teaching Zumba, I stopped diverting my energy in multiple directions, and I sat down and wrote my second novel, Time Walker.

I wrote Dream Walker, the first episode in The Walker Saga, back in 2012, and to be honest, I don’t think the world was quite ready for it. Not because it didn’t sell…it did. But in the past year I have noticed a quantum leap in human consciousness, and intuitively feel that the story would be better understood now. So I put a new energy cloak on Dream Walker and it is being released TODAY!!

Dream Walker is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller that explores the power and possibilities of our limitless human consciousness within the trappings of a conspiracy thriller.

It is not traditional sci-fi, which explores the mechanical, three-dimensional worlds, often uses space crafts and plausible technology. It isn’t really paranormal fiction either, which is associated with vampires, ghosts, or fantastical creatures.

It is Visionary Fiction, a genre in which the expansion of the human mind drives the plot. It is driven by our more ephemeral, mystical experiences, phenomena that don’t fit into the confines of logic, but can be explained through the new sciences of quantum mechanics and string theory.

I like to think of it as a parable…with all the characters ‘waking up’ to a different understanding of who they may be. Just like we are!

Time Walker is with my editor and when she is done working her magic, it will go to my Friendly 5 with a goal of publishing it in November.

Dream Walker is available starting today, for only $.99.

As a special bonus to my Soul Side Out subscribers, if you read Dream Walker, like it, and are dying for the next episode before November, you can join my mailing list at www.ShannanSinclair.com and I will email you an Advanced Reader Copy for FREE.

I am now working with the slower, quieter energies of Autumn, outlining and preparing to write Episode 3, World Walker. My goal is a Spring release!

Soul Side Out Plans

The Universe has made it clear that I must focus on The Walker Saga. The message I am receiving is that people will be receptive to their own awakening and gifts as Aislen, Raziel and Sgt. Mathis discover and explore theirs. So I am listening to that call, downloading information, translating it into story, and then uploading it into form.

But I have big plans and goals for Soul Side Out and all my WOKE readers here as well! We have work to do! And we need each other’s support and validation as we usher this planet and humanity to the next level!

During these next few months of receptivity and hibernation, I will be touching base more often with articles to support your tangible needs for Soul Food! These plans include posts such as:

  • You Are the Guru: Embracing Your Mastery

  • I AM: Opening the Portal for Manifestation

  • Calling All Oneironauts! Exploring the Cosmos Through Consciousness

There is definitely big, big stuff in all this! I hope you are excited and will join me in all these Ultranatural adventures!

As always, stay TUNED!







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