Self Care Emergency! Lesson 3 of the Finding Flow & Making Meaning Challenge

It was my INTENTION that today’s Soul Flow Practice be about Soul Reads. It was what I had prepared for, at least.

But I woke up and my body was saying something different.

It didn’t actually say it.

It screamed it.

My 13 hour shifts sitting in front of 5 computers and then sitting in my car wreak havoc on my body. My shoulders and iPhoneus Maximus were frozen.

Self care and the iPhonus Maximus

It was imperative that I STOP everything and practice some Self Care.

What is SELF CARE?

Self care is any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, professional, and personal needs.

So often we overlook or ignore our needs for the sake of other people, or even or schedule. But it is really important that we learn how to take care of ourselves FIRST.

We are conditioned to put others first, and that sacrificing ourselves is something noble…That putting your needs before others is “SELFISH.”

MALARKEY! I whole-soulfully disagree!

Self Care is a divine responsibility, not self-indulgent, but required.

Someone wise once said, “You cannot serve others from an empty vessel.” If you are good to yourself – love and nurture yourself – you can better care for others.

That is really what this whole challenge is about: taking 5 minutes for yourself 6 times a day to reconnect and nurture yourself in some way. Only then can you really hear what you truly need.

Today, I needed a massage.

I have created a FREE download to help you better understand the 6 different dimensions of Self Care. It will give you ideas for how to care for yourself in each of these areas.



Tomorrow, I will be back broadcasting my original intention: SOUL READS. I will be LIVE on Facebook! So like the page and watch me there!

Until then… be good to yourself!

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