The Art of the Bath ~ Sacred Bathing in 5 Simple Steps

We are Celebrating Day 7 of the Finding Flow & Making Meaning 30 day Challenge. The Challenge is based upon a practice I call Soul Flow, which is a simple way to get re-connected to your true and higher self, by taking 5 minutes for yourself, 6 times a day to do something sacred for yourself.

Today I am going to talk about something that takes more than 5 minutes, but is something you already do every day. We are just going to add our 5 to 10 minutes to it AND take it to the next level with the power of INTENTION.

It is called Sacred Bathing.

I am a person who loves baths. If I am under a lot of stress, or having a really shitty day (yeah, some days are just that bad), I will either power clean my house or immerse myself in a bathtub.

The difference between “normal” bathing and “sacred” bathing is merely intention. Instead of bathing to get physically clean, we apply a meaning, or desire to the process.

This can be extremely powerful.

And here is why:

Water is a conductor of energy.

In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Japanese researcher, Masuru Emoto, demonstrated that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” could change the physical structure of water. He exposed water to music and thoughts, words and intentions. Then he flash froze water and took photographs of the crystals that had formed. Crystals that had been exposed to beautiful music, positive thought, uplifting words and prayer formed into intricate and symmetrical forms. Crystals exposed to negative words, destructive thoughts and intentions, and harsh music were deformed, asymmetrical or didn’t form crystals at all.

Sacred Bathing - Water is a conductor of thought

Water responds to consciousness and intention.

This is meaningful when applied to a bath. It is even more meaningful when you think about how our own physical being is 70% water. What kind of thoughts are you telling yourself?

Water is a transmitter.

Sages used it to cast spells. There are Holy Wells where people state a wish across the water, then throw in coins. Who hasn’t done this? Pegan priestesses and priests, would use bowls of water for scrying to see the future.

Water can also be used as a receiver.

How often have your best ideas, or intuitions come when you are in the bath or shower?

Water is associated with miracles.

Jesus healed people in pools. He walked on it. He transformed it to wine. He called himself the Living Water. To this day, Christians use water as a transforming agent during baptisms.

Throughout human history sacred bathing has been a tradition.

Egyptians, Native Americans, Russians, the Greeks and Romans, all had bathing rituals. The Mayans would take a sacred bath as a form of spiritual healing. They would bring in incense, prayer and plants to clear the body’s life force energy, so they could wash away negativity, fears, trauma, anger, and stress.

Some cultures trek to specific waters to bathe in their healing properties; the Hindus in the Ganges and Europeans to Lourdes.

Universally water is seen as an ideal element to work with in rituals concerned with healing, restoration, and cleansing. It is also ceremonies designed to deepen an individual’s relationship to their intuition and inner knowing.


1. It requires intention.

What is intention? Intention is a clear thought and a desire to transform something. Before your bath or shower think about what you want to create for yourself. What do you want to change? Do you want to wash away disharmonious feelings or energy clouding your space? Do you want to cast a spell for what you desire in your life?

Get clear on the intention.

2. Prepare the environment.

Immerse all your senses in the experience by preparing the environment. Play some soothing music. Bring in the element of fire, another agent of cleansing and purification, by lighting a candle or incense. Prepare a cup of tea or a glass of cucumber infused water to enjoy while you soak, hydrating yourself internally as well as externally.

3. Draw the bath water.

Infuse the water with your intention as it fills the tub. I literally stand above it, blessing it verbally with my intention and desires.

4. Prepare the water.

Infuse the water even more with essential oils, sea salt, flower petals or plant leaves that resonate with your intention.

For stress, you can use ylang ylang, elder flowers, lavender, or lemon. For sleep; chamomile, sandalwood, lemon, lime or valerian. For love and relationships; rose, lavender, or gardenia.

Epsom Salts are a good way to soothe your nervous system. Magnesium sulfate is a mineral that heals the adrenals and helps muscles relax.

I have been using Moldavite Bath Salts recently. Moldavite is a mineral that came to earth nearly 15 million years ago as a result of a meteor collision. It is known for its intense frequency and high vibration. I use it in my bath with a very clear intention especially for clearing my energy of negativity and to manifest my desires quickly. I usually receive an influx of ideas while I bathe and feel highly energized after. My dream space is very active if I use it before bedtime.

Some people use crystals or stones near or in their bath, as well, to charge the water with the energetic properties carried in the stone.

5. Immerse yourself in the bath.

Sink into your bath and allow the water draw out all of the stress, negativity, sorrow, fear, burdens you may be carrying.

Let the water support you. Breath deep and really connect with your body, wholly and completely.

Feel the energy of your intention envelope and soak into your being. As you relax into your positive intentions, allow guidance, inspiration, ideas, and intuitions to come to you.

Stay in the bath as long as you can and take your time with it.

For more ideas on how to make your bathing routine a sacred ritual check out this SOUL READ in my Amazon Store.


This full practice may not be something you do every day. But aim for once a week. If that is too much, try once or twice a month, during a full moon or new moon, when the energy is ripe for casting intentions.

But you can elevate your normal bath or shower routine into a Soul Flow practice just by setting an intention on the water and visualizing it soaking in while you bathe.

For those of you who prefer showers, I am going to save another day to talk about Power Showers. There is a very different Soul Flow practice just for showers.

I will be back again tomorrow for Day 8 of the Finding Flow & Making Meaning 30 Day Challenge. I would love to hear from you! If you have any stories to share about how any of these practices have been going for you, please message me here, or comment below!

The “Soul Flow” Workbook is available to download for FREE HERE. You can join the challenge ANY day, not just Day 1. Divine synchronicity brought you here. Maybe there is a reason.

Make today the day, and #makeflowhappen.

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