Return To Source & Release the Vision

Welcome to Epiphany! Also known as the Festival of the Three Kings… who came from the East to greet the newly born Jesus and bring gifts.


First, everyone says there were three…but we really don’t know how many there actually were. We only say three because there were three gifts mentioned in the Bible. But there could have been more visitors. Eastern Christianity numbers them at 12.

Also they were NOT kings… they were Magi. Magi is Latin, plural for Magus. The word refers to the Persian priestly caste of Astrologers. And you should know, Astrology was highly regarded as science at that time.

So these men, studied the patterns of the stars, and knew what was coming, and followed the patterns to find the Christ.

And they gifted him, Myrrh, Frankincense, and Gold.


As with any Christian holy day, you can find similar holy days in other cultures. Today is also the ancient Egyptian Festival of Osiris. When Osiris, the Son of God, is defeated by Typhon, Isis goes out to search for him and finds him.

This festival is a celebration of Resurrection and Rebirth.

I think it is important we understand the similarities between belief systems. And also gleen some insight into our lives through these stories.


Throughout this Visioning Process, we have been like the Magi AND Isis. We have let part of us die with the old year, and desired to rebirth something new in ourselves… a new vision, a new purpose.

We dug deep within, searching, for signs, noting the patterns, seeking our Soul’s Code. We found treasures, desires, dreams, and possibly destiny. And we have carried those back to the surface.

We developed a Vision Declaration for ourselves, to act as a compass in everything that we do. We created goals for ourselves around the meaningful aspects of our lives, and we plotted a path of step to take to make our way to those goals.

We are there now.


And hopefully somewhere along the way this journey you have had some epiphanies for yourself; an a ha moment or two, inspiration, or a sudden flash of insight where the divine has broken through into your everyday life.

We are the Magi. We come to this day bearing these gifts.

And we are going to give those gifts to something greater than ourselves. Release them. Because that is where the power is.


We are going to go back to that Source Field space we talked about on day 3: the quantum field, God, Allah, the Tao, Christ, Yahweh, whatever you call the Infinite Intelligence that binds this existence together and energizes it. Most people think this Infinite Source Field is outside themselves, but reality it the very everything of yourself.

Infinite Source Field is not separate or somewhere else, it is ever-present and accessible and we are going to access that, and give it our Vision, our goals, our plan and our action steps.

We do not rely solely upon our own effort.

we enlist the ‘source field’ so they can manifest. Instead of being fixated on negative, fear-based, limited, programmed, misaligned thoughts and attitudes, you have become filled with a vision.

You have brought your vision into your conscious mind. You have created ideas, and dreamed about your desired goal. You have a clear vision about what you want to do and create. And now you are going to broadcast that into the Source Field so that Law of Attraction can bring it to you.

You must become passive, silent, receptive, open and cooperative to allow the inflow of power and right action. We created some action steps for ourselves. They are an idea, a start, but the Source Field & Law of Attraction can create things and bring things to you in synchronicity, without any action on your part. And also remain flexible and open to inspiration about spontaneous right action.


I am including a link to an expanded meditation for you to use in this Releasing the Vision Process. Use this meditation to complete your visioning session process.

This process can be used every day for anything you want to create, or heal, or release. You can use it for fear or anxiety, guidance, next steps, and general well-being.

Remember to keep your journal around and stay attuned to the synchronicities that start happening~the things that start “miraculously” appearing in your life.

I would love to hear from you as your miracle stories happen, so please touch base with me, via FB or the blog.

I sincerely hope this workshop has been of value to you in some way. I know this may be completely new to some of you, and going it alone difficult or overwhelming. If you need assistance, or support in your process of creating a vision, transforming your life, manifesting your goals or rediscovering your Soul’s Code and purpose, check out my coaching services at Maybe book a coaching session or two and get undivided attention and support you need to manifest your goals and desires.

Also, if you want further reading about some of the concepts and exercises we have used. Here are some resources. (These are NOT affiliate links)




Master Key System Charles Haanel

I want to thank all of you who have tuned in to these Visioning Sessions! It has been a joy and a pleasure for me.

Until next time, LOVE & LIGHT!


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