Releasing the Past ~ 2017 Burning Bowl Ceremony

Today is one of my very, favorite days of the year! New Year’s Eve! While many love it for the parties and festivities, champagne and ball dropping, for me it is the most sacred of days.

It is a day of reflection; about the past 12 month cycle, the things I accomplished, how I evolved, the things that worked—and the things that totally sucked that I do NOT want to repeat.

I approach it like a spiritual housecleaning day. I go through my calendar and puruse my art journal for themes and patterns of the year. I contemplate the times of amazing awakenings, the times where I had to let go, I gather up the disappointments, grief, the struggle and other energies that inspired wallowing or kept me stuck. I channel my insights about this year down onto a piece of paper…

or several…

The more pages, the bigger the fire!

Because today is the day of the Burning Bowl.

Before I really set down my goals for 2018, I really want to assess 2017. I don’t want to continue doing things that do not work and I want to continue doing the things that fulfilled me.

I want to build upon the successes and make 2018 an even better year than 2017 has been.

At around 11 o’clock tonight, I will bless my pages. I will thank the experiences, and the people involved, for all that they taught me.

Then I will light them on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the embers chew through the paper I will let them go!

The key to this ritual is release!

We must be willing to let go of all attachment to both the bad AND the good. When we let go, we create space, like cleaning out the closets and the garage of your home. We make room for the new things that we want to create.

Here is a Guided Meditation to help you prepare for your Burning Bowl Ceremony:

I do my Burning Bowl outside, under the stars, (with water nearby) and watch the old energy release in the flames and the smoke into the atmosphere.

Tomorrow will be about creation. Today is about sweet release.

I hope 2017 was a fabulous year for you. Whether it was a year that you loved or a year you are ready to say good-bye to. And may 2018 be the best year of your life so far!

Join me tomorrow for Day 1 of The 6 Days of Epiphany where we will explore Your Soul’s Code and Recover Your True Desires.

Love and Light!



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