6 Days of Epiphany~The Visioning Sessions: Preparing Your Soul for 2018

As 2017 rapidly approaches its end it is time to prepare ourselves for the New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I have never had a year this amazing AND this frightening! I am not that sad about seeing it go!

But before it does, it is especially important that we wrap up 2017 in a complete way, and begin 2018 with clear intentions, so we can manifest our true desires.

The Ultimate ‘A-Ha Moment’

The word ‘Epiphany’ is Greek for ‘manifestation’ of either of a divine being, or of a sudden, intuitive perception or insight. They are the ultimate ‘A-Ha Moments’ and they energize, excite and fill us with enthusiasm.

In the Christian tradition, epiphany refers to the manifestation of a divine being, Jesus, and celebrates the visitation of the Christ by the 3 Magi who bore him gifts. It is celebrated on January 6th.

I invite you to join me in this visioning process. Let’s use these sacred 9 days to process the past 12 months, release the situations and energies that no longer serve us, and align our mind, body and soul with our visions for 2018. Prepare yourself for epiphanies that will manifest the divine in YOUR life!


There is a difference between a resolution and a vision… between setting goals and visualizing intentions…between achieving milestones and creating effortless manifestations. This visioning process is devoted to unveiling the epiphanies of what we want to manifest in our lives and how we want to evolve our divinity in 2018.


Today we begin with the process of REVIEWING the PAST.

Over the next 3 days peruse through your 2017 day planner and remember the events, situations, experiences and issues that came up. Write down the people, energies, actions and reactions that you want to let go of so you do not carry them forward or recreate them in the new year.

You may want to spend some time journaling about the issues that really bothered you, or still feel stuck inside you. This process can be uncomfortable. You are holding yourself accountable for the things you have said, done and held onto. It can also be exciting, because you will be anticipating really releasing these things for good and healing in just a couple of days.

On separate pieces of paper, write down a synopsis of your release items and set them aside. We will take these to our Burning Bowl ceremony on the on New Years Eve.

For example, I will write down energies and emotions such as: disappointment, disillusionment, and over-attachment to situations out of my control.



So that is your homework for the next couple of days: review the past 12 months and prepare for the RELEASE of the PAST on Sunday in your Burning Bowl ceremony.

On Sunday, I will post a guided meditation for clearing stagnant energy from your field of possibility PLUS a Burning Bowl Ceremony video. Then you will be ready for The Visioning Sessions on January 1st through the 6th!


January 1: We explore Your Soul’s Code and Recover Your True Desires. We are going to separate ourselves from and move beyond the expectations of society, media, family and friends and touch base with our Soul’s Code…what it is you came here to do and BE.

January 2: We will begin Drawing from the Dreamscape ~ accessing our dreams, daydreams, and subconscious to further explore and develop our vision for ourselves.

January 3: Aligning with the Source Field. In the visioning process, we do not rely solely upon our own action steps and effort. We enlist the infinite power of the ‘source field,’ God, or whatever it is you call your divine power. On this day, we practice a simple technique for aligning and tapping into that, so that every decision we make and action we take is aligned with our vision.

January 4: Experiencing the Vision. In order for our visions and dreams to manifest, we have to immerse ourselves in the feeling of that experience. It will include a meditation and ideas for creating a vision board.

January 5: Mapping Our Path. A brainstorming of the right actions we must take to assist Source in manifesting our visions.

January 6: Epiphany & Releasing our Vision to Source; letting go of the vision so it can manifest in no effort.

I hope you will join me on this journey and are ready to create a miraculous 2018!

Love and light!








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