The Power Shower: from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Welcome to Lesson 9 of the Finding Flow & Making Meaning Challenge, where we talking about the Power Shower and how to turn a mundane, daily routine into a spiritual practice and life-changing experience.

In Lesson 7 of our Challenge, we talked about sacred bathing and what a powerful and effective way it is to clear negative energy from your space and to set intentions for the things you want to manifest.

But maybe you don’t have a bathtub OR you don’t like taking baths.

Good news!

The shower offers similar benefits, with a couple of significant differences.

Here are 5 ways the shower benefits you spiritually and how you can take yours from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Power Shower

Cleanses Negativity

In addition to washing away dirt, the shower is an effective way to cleanse your energy field (aka aura) of negative energy.

We unknowingly collect negative energies everywhere we go. Most foreign energies attach themselves to your space during the day as you interact with people at work, school and when you are out and about.

A regular shower, especially in the evening, absorbs and washes away lower vibrations and energies you may have come in contact with during the day. This can help you become more relaxed, sleep better, sleep uninterrupted, and wake up feeling more refreshed.

It will also help prevent disease or dis-ease that occurs from long-term build-up of stagnant, negative energy in your aura.

The next time you are in the shower, take an extra moment to visualize the negative emotions, foreign energy, and stress that is in your space being rinsed away from you and washed down the drain.

The Miracle of Negative Ions

Taking a shower is a great way to get a daily dose of negative ions ~ something you cannot get by taking a bath.

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that lost an electrical charge. We inhale in abundance in certain environments.

They are created in nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, and moving air and water, like oceans, rivers, waterfalls, and, yes, showers!

Negative ions lighten our mood, stimulate our senses, improve appetite and sex drive, and our resistance to disease. They provide relief from allergies, migraines, and even post-operative pain. Negative ions also promote alpha brain waves and increase brain wave amplitude which results in a higher awareness level.

WebMD: Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes

When we come into contact with negative ions, by walking on a beach, hiking by the river or taking a shower, we experience reduced stress, a heightened sense of bliss and increased energy.

Again, take an extra moment in the shower and breathe in those negative ions!

Tuning Into Guidance

Water has properties that not only clear your energy and take negative, stagnant energy away; it also brings you energy and can heighten your creativity and intuition.

Many people receive their most inspirational ideas in the shower.

If you’re feeling stuck on a problem, or blocked in some way, try jumping in the shower.

When you do, set an intention to be open to receive new information. Don’t force anything, just relax and maintain a state of awareness. Pay attention to feelings and take note of spontaneous thoughts, visions, or voices that show up.

You will be amazed by what finds its way into your conscious.


To amplify the positive effects of your shower, try turning on the chill factor.

Turning the temperature down to freezing cold at the end can provide some other surprising benefits for your mind, body, and spirit.


The high humidity and temperature of a hot shower can cause negative ions to cluster together so that they are not as ingestible. Turning on the cold, increases the amount of negative ions for you to breathe in.


The decrease in temperature causes a mild shock to your body which increases your heart rate and oxygen intake. The rush of blood through your gives you a natural dose of energy for the day.


Hot water dries out our skin. Cold water tightens

your cuticles and pores, which will prevent them from getting clogged. Cold showers also make hair appear shinier, stronger, and healthier.


Cold showers stress the body causing it to up-regulate your system in a healthy way. Cold water gets your arteries to pump blood more efficiently, boosting overall heart health. It can also lower blood pressure, clear blocked arteries, and improve your immune system.


Your body contains two types of fat; white fat and brown fat.

White fat accumulates when we consume more calories than we burn. This is the fat that we gain and struggle with, at our waist, lower back, neck, and thighs.

Brown fat is the fat that generates heat to keep our bodies warm. It is activated when exposed to extreme cold. Brown fat cells burn glucose stored in your white fat cells and have been shown to fight obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Cold showers promote brown fat activity.

Taking cold showers also stimulate overall metabolic rate as you burn calories to get warm. This boosts blood glucose which in turn suppresses appetite.


The intensity of the cold hitting the receptors in your skin send an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses from the nerve endings to the brain.

This stimulates your brain’s “blue spot.” The locus coeruleus, located in the brainstem and blue in color, is involved with our physiological responses to stress and panic.

When stressed by the shock of cold water it releases noradrenaline, a chemical believed to alleviate depression. This produces an antidepressant effect and can boost your mood.

MORE: The Locus Ceruleus in the Human Brain


The mild stress caused by a cold shower also creates thermogenesis, the process of heat production in our bodies. Two to three minutes after the initial shock of the cold water, you will feel an internal heat build as thermogenesis kicks in. This powerful process increases immunity, reduces pain, alleviates stress, and fights depression. The regular practice of taking cold showers can lower core body temperature and extend our expected lifespan.

If you want to experiment with a Cold “Wake Up Shower,” start small. Begin with warm water to wash and rinse, but end your shower by turning it to all cold water. Spend at least 30 seconds the first time, with the goal of spending 3 minutes to 5 minutes in the cold.

Pick one or two days a week at first the add a day each week.

See how quickly you notice the benefits!


Many wisdom/religious traditions consider the final part of the sacred bath or power shower the most important.

The African-American Conjure place an emphasis on allowing yourself to air dry. Other traditions encourage wrapping up in a special towel or blanket.

You may wish to anoint yourself with lotion or essential oil. A floral essential oil, such as lavender, will renew your energy. Massage it into your scalp, as a symbolic gesture to restore your connection to the divine. Then massage the soles of your feet to restore your connection to the Earth.

Before draining the tub or getting out of the shower, collect some of the water in which you have bathed. This water now carries your imprint ~ your essence. In some traditions, it is considered a magical material and must be disposed of with respect and purpose.

I often take a pitcher or more of it, and water my plants and flowers, giving my essence back to the planet and using it to renew Nature and my environment.


Once again, this practice is not anything new or extra in your day. You already do it. The only difference is the intention and mindfulness that you are applying to this space; taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Power Shower is one of many options that can be a part of your daily Soul Flow practice. By taking 5 minutes, 6 times a day to do something sacred and meaningful for yourself, you can feel more connected and aligned.

Download your FREE COPY of SOUL FLOW! It’s a great guide to establishing a SOUL FLOW practice that is perfect for you.

I LOOOOVE TO HEAR FROM MY STUDENTS, CLIENTS AND READERS! If you experiment with any of these lessons and notice any shifts in your attitude and life, please drop me a line or share with others in the comments!


Until next!

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