K.I.S.S. Whole 30

It’s the beginning of day 2 and I am sitting here wondering what I was so afraid of. I spent yesterday preparing some meals for work. It took a couple of hours, but I have enough food for my 4 day work week, so that feels pretty efficient.

It is a 55 hour work week, and I eat at my radio console, so I don’t strive for variety during the work week, I strive for simplicity. My hint: DO NOT REINVENT THE WHEEL!!! Access your resources at Whole 30 and Pinterest or the links I have shared below. Make life easy and feel amazing!

First, I made a Simple Pulled Pork recipe from Primal Bites, that took 10 minutes to prep for the crock pot. BAM! Meat for a week!


I made 8 Onion Ranch Sliders from HappyWifestyle. KA-BOOM! More Protein! This was dinner last night so I made double of everything for lunch leftovers.



I mixed up enough Dump Ranch Dressing by Whole Sisters for my salads and snacks. This recipe couldn’t be easier, and it satisfies my white food fetish!


Whole Sisters Dump Ranch is a MUST!


And I hard boiled a dozen eggs.

The rest I can piece together with fresh veggies, fruits and Beef Bars from Epic.

While I have nothing to report in terms of feeling better after one day, I can say that I didn’t suffer any cravings during the day. Seriously, they make everything so easy. The Whole30 website is overflowing with resources, and Pinterest is a treasure-trove of recipes.

Are you a Whole 30er? Have any good recipes or #Whole30Hacks to share? Bring it! If it make life simple, I am in!

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