Intuitive Readings

We are all gifted with an Internal Guidance System that helps us make decisions & live our lives, but sometimes we can benefit from a little extra insight from an Intuitive Consultant.

What is an Intuitive Reading?

Intuitive readings are highly individual, depending on what your focus is for the session, as well as information I happen to receive. Readings can be about working through a current hardship, releasing blocked energy, tapping into past lives, communicating with loved ones who have transitioned, or helping you activate your highest potential and create your best life.

Intuitive readings are different from my Intuitive Coaching sessions. During readings, I do most of the talking, with some discussion and releasing activity. In my Intuitive Coaching sessions, I guide you in accessing your intuition and getting your own answers. Intuitive Coaching is my goal for you, because I find it extremely fulfilling to support you in discovering and accessing your intuitive powers and own inner-knowing.

That being said, sometimes we get blocked in such a way, that having a gifted intuitive see, hear, feel what is going on with us is more beneficial.

Types of Guidance you may be looking for:

  • You feel stuck and need assistance getting UN-stuck.
  • You are going through a big life transition; changing careers, relationship shifts, personal growing pains.
  • You have a big dream and need guidance to manifest it.
  • You need fresh insight about your current career, relationships or life.
  • You are curious about your spiritual direction, calling or purpose.
  • You have unfinished business with people who have transitioned.

I do not “read the future,” but I can see where you are headed. I read your current energy field and based on that, I can see trajectories of probable outcome if you stay on the path you are currently on. Ultimately, you are the one that has all the power to change and create your destiny.

How does an intuitive reading SESSIONS work:

  • I send you a pre-session questionnaire, to get you thinking about what you are looking for in your reading.
  • We do a session via Phone or, even better, SKYPE – I like to see your energy. If you are in the Northern California area, you can book an in-person session.
  • Sessions can be booked Monday – Saturday.
  • Sessions are 90 minutes.
  • Sessions can be recorded. This is better than taking notes, so your energy isn’t distracted. Plus, you may want to revisit the session in case you forget some of the information.

HOW do I do my WORK:

  • I do my readings with my eyes closed most of the time. I am not in trance, it just helps me access my skills better.
  • I use Clairvoyance. I receive information by seeing it: in the colors in your energy field, and in “pictures,” “symbols,” “movies.”
  • I use my Clairaudience. Sometime I will hear or receive telepathic.
  • I use Clairsentience. I will feel information emotionally and physically.
  • Most of the time, I am a Medium. During readings, it is not uncommon for loved ones who are no longer in the physical dimension to show up and say “hello” or have some other information for you.
  • If I get stuck, or information isn’t clear, I may pull an oracle card to help translate.


  • Intuition & Meditation Workshop Facilitator
  • Hundreds of hours of intuitive reading experience
  • Two years in the Clairvoyant Program at Berkeley Psychic Institute
  • Holistic Theology Training with American Institute of Holistic Theology
  • Certified Life Coach with International Coach Academy
  • Usai Reiki Practitioner


$200 for 90 minute Clairvoyant Session via Skype

$125 for 60 minute Tarot Reading via Skype

$60 for Tarot Reading via Email

contact me to schedule YOUR session!