Housecleaning Day!


Most days I absolutely LO-OO-OOVE cleaning. I actually get an itch in my gut to clean the house. It usually starts in a bad way… like because I found a hair on the bathroom floor and I can’t get it out of my head until I fully vacuum and mop. And it almost always occurs on my first day off. I cannot even attempt to write, create, play or travel until my home is in order.

BUT!!! There are exceptions to this Obsessive Compulsive Tendency. And today… and yesterday… and the day before… were them.

I even had help and I balked! This week, instead of relishing in my cleaning frenzy and basking in the joy of my orderly sanctuary, I procrastinated.


This week, I actually had to negotiate with myself, like I was a 10-year-old again. So I came up with 5 things that made me WANT to clean my house.

#1.   I decided to make my perceived ordeal a special occasion.  I made the perfect cup of coffee. If I had champagne, I would have made a mimosa. I lit some candles, and some incense in every room. Having the house already smelling good immediately shifts the mood. And of course, music.

#2.   I thought of a project; an art journal page or blog post that I wanted to do, and decided to meditate on it while I worked. It puts my brain into PLAY mode, convincing it that I am being creative while I am working. Once the blood gets flowing and the repetitive, mindless flow kicks in, my Muse lights on fire. By the time I am done with chores I am not only deeply satisfied, I am ready to be creative. This works for exercise, too.

#3.    I included the outside in my inside cleansing process.  I have a little covered patio with tables, plants, twinkly lights. We spend a lot of mornings and evenings out there, and it has become another part of my home. Cleaning it is the perfect halftime during my chores. I vacuum its little rug, nurture my plants, and get some fresh air.

From The Garden

#4.    Halftime = Snacktime. While I am outside, I grab whatever I have ripening in the garden. It’s the end of summer, but I found some ripe tomatoes and fresh basil for a makeshift caprese. Could have used that mimosa!

Make-do Caprese

#5.    I do 1 thing “Extra-Extra!” I know, you’re like, “Wha? But I don’t even want to do the regular stuff!” Once I get going though, I get inspired, so I find one bigger thing that I only do a couple of times a year. Like… Really clean a room of windows… Wipe down one set of blinds perfectly… Clean a ceiling fan… Clean the coffee machine. This week I wiped off my floorboards with a BOUNCE! dryer sheet. This is an awesome Life Hack! It cleans up all the dust and hair with the added bonus of protecting them from dust and hair a LOT longer. Plus, it smells good. Do not underestimate how much your sense of smell can inspire you. By doing one Extra Extra a week, I don’t have to do 2-3 days every Spring.

So the house is spit-spot, and now I have time and ideas to enjoy the rest of the day!



So I live in a 70-year-old house and the toilet in this joint one is only slightly younger than that. Since I have lived here there is an embarrassing ring at the waterline. It makes the toilet look permanently dirty. I have pumiced the hell out of it. The previous renter pumiced the hell out of it, and it doesn’t work.

So I am at the Home Depot last week and I see a product sitting on the bottom shelf. It was covered in dust… it was cheap… nothing works good enough anyway, so I bought it. HOT DAMN!



It reduced the ring 50% the first time I used it!!!! By the third used it was 90% gone. An angelic choir sang from my toilet bowl! I used the product on my old kitchen sink and 90% of the 70-year-old stains are GONE! Nothing that works THAT GOOD can be good for the environment. But if you really need old porcelain to look new, this was amazing.


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