Forgiveness is a Spiritual Practice

Pink Oleander


Many of us practice Gratitude as part of our daily Soul Flow, either keeping a journal, or going to sleep contemplating the things we are thankful for today.

Forgiveness is another great way to add soul and depth to our experience.

For some people, forgiveness is an easy thing…’water off a ducks back’. For people with high vitality and high sensitivity wrongs may not be passed off so easily.

It doesn’t make you a bad person if it’s harder for you. It doesn’t make you a better person if it is easier. Our angelic nature is amplified by our willingness to make the effort.


Oleander 2


The Oleander, as my neighbor pointed out, is pretty and charming…

But toxic. 💀

How interesting it is that she peeks over my fences.

And how GOOD it is, that we have fences!!!

It is very symbolic to me personally, these images of the Oleander slipping through my fences, because the biggest forgiveness challenge I face right now has to do with a person very much like this weed.

I am a person who prefers bridges to fences. But there are times when a fence is the only option… And the bridge is not yours to build.


Oleander 3


Clarissa Pinkola Estés outlines a 4 step process of forgiveness in her masterpiece “Women Who Run with the Wolves.” Step 1 really resonates with me.

Step 1: FOREGO
To leave it alone.

This is the fence.

As Dr. Estés says, “to begin to forgive, it is good to forgo for little while. Take a break from thinking about the person or event. It is not leaving something undone, but rather like taking a vacation from it.

This prevents us from being exhausted. It allows us to strengthen in other ways, and to have happiness in our lives.

Leave the situation, memory, issue as many times as you need to. Take up that weaving, that writing, go to that ocean, do some learning, and do some loving that strengthens you.

This is what’s right, good, and healing.

Assure your wounded psyche that you will give it healing balms now and deal with the rest of the forgiveness process later.”


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