For The Love of White Food!!!

It’s day five of my whole 30!!!

I am not allowed to step on a scale during this 30 days, but the way my pants feel, the reflection of my gut in the mirror, and my “feelers” tell me tell me I’m down about 4 pounds.

This isn’t that incredible of an accomplishment since that 4 pounds was mostly beer glut from vacation. But I am very happy about it.

Of course my body just had to protest the limitations in someway. I immediately came down with a cold, and I’m battling a calf muscle strain that is keeping me from my beloved Zumba class. Win some – struggle some.

Working in the 911 Dispatch Center I have come face-to-face with my most difficult challenges. After a really busy period and a major incident I almost grabbed a bag of chips and inhaled it. I realized how unconscious a habit it is that I reach for the carbs during times of stress. I was able to stop myself, although the rest of the night I found myself longing for bread, pasta, or cheese.

But today I face an even bigger challenge!

***Cue suspenseful background music ***


For the love of white food!!!! In celebration of our “Friday” and a coworkers birthday, there is going to be an array of cream cheese, sour cream and mayonnaise-based temptation within 3 feet of my mouth ALL DAY LONG!

Dip makes me weak in the knees. Couple that with the gorgeous salty ridges of the Ruffle? I just may lose my mind.

Just Say No

So if you all would be so kind as to send A little willpower my way I’d appreciate it.


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