6 Days of Epiphany ~ Exploring Your Soul’s Code

Happy New Year Kindred Spirits and Soul Mates!

Are you ready to lay the foundation for all your manifestations of 2018? I sure am!

It is Day 1!

Yesterday, we cleaned our slate, burned up issues and energies that we no longer want to maintain in our lives. And today we are going to start tilling the soil, preparing it for some seeds.

You see, we don’t start building on day 1. We don’t run to the gym, begin a crash diet, or tackle a big project right off the bat. That would be why resolutions crash and burn on day 2.

Today, we play in the dirt, sifting through our ideas, desires and dreams. Because we are looking for the things that really energize us and get us excited. That is what a VISION is about.

A vision is very different from a goal or resolution.

It is the meat to the potatoes, it’s the fuel for your fire.

A vision, is less specific, less pressure-laden and ultimately immune to failure. Any goal you create that aligns with your vision propels you forward, even if the specific goal isn’t achieved, it still moves you in that forward direction. A vision, allows your goals to evolve, which is way more powerful and way less discouraging.

let’s get started.

You should have some kind of writing device around to jot ideas down. And remember to keep it close the next few days. Because the fact that you are listening, and opening this door for yourself is going to pull up a lot of ideas. You are going to want to capture it somehow.


So many of us find ourselves living our lives on automatic pilot, but yearning for something more.

These stirrings bring up big questions.

Who am I?

What am I here to do?

We all ask them. We all feel that calling ~ that TRUTH ~ inside us.

Spending the time listening to your answers about those questions can point your life in a new direction, and guide you closer to what you truly want.

When we don’t listen to our soul’s calling, we start feeling stuck. This can make us depressed, sad, even angry! We become disconnected and fall out of flow.

Your soul is calling you to a more aligned, meaningful way of living.


In his bestseller, The Soul’s Code, James Hillman proposed that each of us has a calling, and inborn imperative, coded into our very soul and that in order to find fulfillment with our lives, we have to realize that calling.

This invisible guiding force, ever urges us toward our destiny, ever prods us to live our highest truth.

The Romans called it our ‘genius,’

The Greeks called it the ‘daimon.’

Daimon is the Greek derivative of the word demon. And isn’t it so true that when we deny our calling, when we shove our destiny, our dreams, our passions, deep down within us, they turn on us. Instead of being the higher voice of the divine inspiring us to our greatness, it becomes the demon that eats away at us from the inside because we won’t let it out.

When I look around, I see that a lot of us are living with a rabid daimon. Left in the cage it creates havoc. Are you depressed? Do you constantly feel irritated or angry? Does everything you touch turn to dust? Do you wonder why your life doesn’t seem to go anywhere? Or why it brings no lasting joy or pleasure?

I know that place well. I have tread quietly around my daimon my whole life. Every, other thing has taken took precedent over listening to the call of my purpose. And when I do that, my life always seems out of sync… off… flat.

How many of us are living according to our soul’s code?

How many of us are following our deep-seeded spark of genius?

Are you?

My guess would be that only 10% of us are. The other 90% of have forsaken it—set it aside for various reasons. Maybe because we have to be responsible grown-ups and work at jobs and pay rent and raise our children and survive? Maybe because we don’t know what our calling is in the first place?

It takes a lot of contemplation about our passions, our daimon, our Soul’s Code to find our answers. And those answers create our Vision.

When you stop denying your soul’s code, and start embracing what it is you are meant to do, in whatever form it takes, everything shifts.

Life isn’t perfect.

Stresses and problems still exist. But your outlook will be completely different. There is a thrill to getting up each morning. There is excitement and anticipation as to what is possible. There is joy.

let’s take a moment to ask ourselves some questions.

Let’s knock on our soul’s door and see what it tells us.

I am going to ask a series of questions in order to seed your consciousness.Take some time today to explore your answers.

Think about what you are currently doing. Your job, profession, career… and ask

Why am I doing what I’m currently doing?

Let go of judgment and really be honest about why you are doing what you are doing today. There could be very good reasons. There could be ‘sell out’ reasons. It could be because of the expectations of others. Be honest about all your reasons.

Now ask, if I continue doing what I am doing today, what kind of person will I be in five years?

Let your mind explore that.

Think back to a time or an event, where you were doing something and felt so on fire with enthusiasm, in flow, energized and aligned.

What were you doing? How old were you?

Was this only the one time? When were some other times that you felt this way?

How could your recreate this today, with who you are now?

Ask yourself:

What do I wish I spent more time doing?

What completely absorbs my interest and attention?

When did I feel like I am able to be completely authentic?

When do I feel I am having to adapt or act like I’m someone else?

When was the last time I lit myself up and turned my energy on?

What do other people always complement me on or appreciate me for?

These questions are going to linger today and tonight.

Do not be surprised when the answers come while you are doing other things. Keep your journal close by and write down what comes up for you.

The answers are the soil of your VISION.

Tomorrow we will till a little deeper, from our dream space. So keep your journal close by your bed tonight. Some answers may come.

Join me tomorrow for Day 2 of our 6 Days of Epiphany! We will begin Drawing from the Dreamscape ~ accessing our dreams, daydreams, and subconscious to further explore and develop our vision for ourselves.

Until tomorrow, happy New Year and have a blessed day!

Love and Light!




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