Experience Your Vision

It is Day 4 already! And today, we will finally start taking our epiphanies to paper, where we can experience the vision, immerse ourselves in it and begin making it real.


We have spent the past few days doing “the work”… looking internally for inspiration and guidance in creating our vision for this year.

Up to this point we have done some release work: letting go of issues, situations, feelings, relationships, that no longer serve us, that we don’t want to keep creating in our life, so that we can move forward and create something new. Something we desire. Something created consciously.

We’ve explored the idea of our Soul’s Code; our inborn imperative, the calling coded into our very soul that we must operate from in order to find fulfillment with our lives. And we began asking ourselves some big questions, to discover the answers that will help us build our VISION.

On day 2, we took those questions deeper, into the Dreamscape, with a guided meditation, to tap into the alpha and delta state and our soul level.

We discussed the quantum field, Creative Source, God, Allah, the Tao, Yahweh, the Infinite Intelligence we all exist in, and invited it to inspire, guide, clarify and infuse our vision.

After the past few days, you should have a journal or notepad full of ideas, dreams and desires. To be honest, it may seem like brain barf at the moment. And that is fine! The more brain barf the better! Because today we will start channeling and funneling those big ideas into tangible pictures and words.

let’s get started!


Download this list of Resonant Visioning Words. Read through the list and write down the words that resonate with what you want to create in 2018.

Then play with those words. Mix them together to better articulate your vision.

For example, the resonant words that articulate my 2018 vision are: Sacred Inspiration, Directed Creativity, Outrageous Grace, Juicy Abundance & Miracles.

Man! I just feel that for myself!

So I wrote these down as my 2018 Vision Declarations.

I am in tune with SACRED INSPIRATION.


I am in a constant state of OUTRAGEOUS GRACE.


I experience MIRACLES.

So play with that for yourself, then move on.


Apply your Vision Declarations to your Aspects of Life.

We have many different areas of our life, all of which need to all be nurtured and cultivated in order for us to be balanced.

In my coaching practice, I call them our Rays of Life. Each area is a ray of light, that together make up our sun. The more we are balanced the more energized we feel and the brighter we shine.

Draw a circle on a peice of paper, then create 12 Rays of Life around your circle. You are going to reflect on each ray of your life, and apply your vision declarations to that aspect.

Ray 1 is your LIVELIHOOD:

This aspect is about how you make a living, your career or business, your satisfaction with the amount of money you are making, how well it sustains you, how you feel while doing your work.

How can you align your livelihood with your Vision Declaration?


Consider the lifestyle you lead. This would include your possessions, your home, fashion, travel, recreation…

Again, write down how you can apply, things that you can do or experience that pulls your vision into your lifestyle.

Ray 3 is your BODY:

How satisfied are you with your physical body, your physical health, fitness and diet?

Ray 4 is WELLNESS:

This aspect includes mental wellness and self care. Do you rest and relax enough? Do you pamper or take time to heal and rejuvenate? How can your vision be applied to this aspect?


What are your hobbies? How do you express yourself? Music, art, woodworking, writing, scrapbooking, cooking, etc.

Do you give yourself enough time and space to express and create?

Ray 6 is about LEARNING:

Are you continuing your education either formally or personally? Is there an area you want to grow or develop? Apply your Vision Declaration to this area.

Ray 7 represents COMMUNITY:

Are you satisfied with how you give back to the world? Volunteering, stewardship, supporting causes that you care about.

Ray 8 is your FUTURE:

Do you devote time to dreaming or visioning about the future? Are you planning, setting goals, developing your dreams?


How do you feel about your social life and friendships?

Ray 10 is your FAMILY:

Rate your satisfaction with your relationship with your partner, parents and children.

Ray 11 is about ROMANCE:

How is your love life right now? How would you rate your partnership in terms of romance and passion?

Ray 12 is your SPIRITUALITY:

Do you devote time to a spiritual practice? This could include your faith, church, meditation, developing your soul, and intuition.

Take some time today to articulate apply your Vision Declarations to each aspect of your life. It may be that in order to feel balanced you want to apply your vision more to some aspects than to others. Maybe you don’t feel the need for as much romance right now. Balanced does not mean you are a 10 in every aspect, it means you are where you want to be in that aspect.



You definitely want to spend some time create a visual representation of your vision. Being able to SEE our vision will help us step into it, and day dream about it, and live in it… which will help us manifest it.

You can create a vision board the analog way; on a poster board or in a journal, cutting and pasting words and imagery and then displaying it in your home or office where you can live with it and see it every day. There is something very powerful about physically creating your vision in the 3D world. It takes some time and some money, but is worth it.

You can use Pinterest. Create a board called Vision 2018, and troll the WWW for images and words etc that make up your vision. Be sure to access it every day. Look at it in the morning. Glance through it before you go to bed. Immerse yourself in it.

There are also several APPs available specifically for making a vision board. I’ve always been an analog girl, so I have never explored these apps: but to name a few, there is Happy Tapper where you can create 7 boards for different aspect of your life. Hay House has one, and there is on called the Vision Kit that allows you to create 9 boards. Seriously google Vision Board app. And take your pick.

But whatever you decide, really connect with it every day, to remind yourself, and excite yourself about your vision.

Whew…. That feels big! I know…. but remember this is a process not a race. Take your time with it… enjoy it. This is the fun part.

Tomorrow is Day 5… Mapping Our Path.

This is where we start brainstorming our right actions: the intention steps we are going to take to move toward these desires. So for homework. Write your words, create at lest one vision declaration, and apply it to one aspect of your life that is most important for you right now.

We will work on our action steps and you want to have at least one thing to work on.

I sincerely hope this is of value to you in some way. If so, touch base with me in the comments and let me know what you have found most valuable thus far. Also please share this broadcast and possibly bring value to someone in your sphere of influence.

Until tomorrow, LOVE & LIGHT.


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