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You are ready to see how far your consciousness can take you.

If you found your way to this post it was only because you chose this path.

For the most part, what I share on the blog is bite-size, digestible, practical esoteric spiritually. My goal is to make it easy for my readers to apply deeper spiritual truths into their regular, everyday lives.

But I have been called at this time to take this further. It is really time for those of us who are called, to step up our game, raise our vibrations even higher and sustain them in the midst of our current reality.

It helps me, it helps you, it helps ALL of us if we do this collectively, as a tribe bound together across time, space and dimension.

To some of you, all this may be brand new. Others, may already be adept, but want the extra collective support. Wherever you are, I embrace you and welcome your input and feedback.


Many of us are feeling spun by current affairs going on across our planet and are wondering what to DO about it. We can be overwhelmed by our lack of control over any of it. And truly, there is only one thing we can control.


It is my intuition, and indeed, the one all mystics have pointed to all along, this is the only answer.

This is the gateway down the rabbit hole, and the destination is your realized and actualized DIVINITY. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you,” and we are going to find it, explore it, own it, and reflect it into our physical reality.

Here is where we start.


Whatever faith, religion, belief structure you may have… it is welcome here. And by welcome, I mean, your perspective and insight can be expressed. Let’s see how what you already know can help us all understand beyond our current perspective. If I post something, and you have an insight, please comment and add to the dialog and our collective journey.

They are all doorways. Christianity points to God. Islam points to God. Hinduism points to God. None are the ONLY way. But all point in the same direction.


Turn off social media. Start being discerning, instead of being force-fed information.

For now, I am tuning out my generic Facebook feed. It is now known that the algorithm of Facebook feeds you only what you are programmed to receive. (Cue Hotel California, lol)

I am also tuning out Mainstream Media. The Wikileaks email dump busted that game. There is a narrative the media agrees to tell the masses, and ultimately it keeps us misinformed, confused and at odds with each other.


If you really need to know, pick your sources wisely and pick an opposite viewpoint source so you can see both sides of the spin. But remember, it is ALL spin.

Until I can find a truthful source I can trust for “news,” I am on a diet. If you find a news source you think is objective, please share.

But really, I don’t think we need it, or that it is good for us. We need to tune within for our answers. And the frequency of “news” is lowering our vibration. This is not sticking our head in the sand. This sticking our heads above the clouds.


Try first thing in the morning, in order to set your frequency and vibration for the day. Set up your space before meditation, especially when practicing in the morning.

It is not realistic or beneficial to jump right out of bed and go into a meditation space, because it is too easy to fall back into unconsciousness or sleep at that time. And we want to be conscious and present, to be able to fully reap the benefits of our clear, conscious mind during our day.

So here some things to think about before practicing meditation in the morning.

1. Set your alarm clock earlier so you have the time and the space for a meditation practice. You want enough time to be able to relax in that space without feeling the pressure of the day upon you. So back your day up an hour or more.

When you set your alarm, set it to a ring that doesn’t jar you awake. I use a song, ‘Across the Universe’, that reminds me of who I am first thing when I wake and it reminds me set the vibration for myself.

There is also a wonderful Progressive Alarm Clock app available that wakes you up gently and gradually with a progressively escalating pattern of beautiful chimes. This allows your mind and body to slowly come out of your sleep space, which is not only a more pleasant way to awaken, but helps with dream/vision/travel recall.

2. Allow yourself to lounge in bed for a while. Life is not military boot camp or a fire house, where your feet need to hit the ground running.

Turn off the alarm, or set a snooze timer, and allow yourself to adjust from your night time space into your waking space. This lucid space will allow you to process your dream/travel space and get present and in your body.

3. Besides turning the alarm off, do not get sucked into checking your social media accounts first thing.

No social media. No television. Give yourself that first 5 minutes process, adjust and set your frequency and intention for yourself, rather than your Facebook feed doing that for you.

We want to set our frequency and vibrational tone for the day, rather than immediately letting the external world and our Facebook feed do that for us.

You all know it. I know it. As soon as we get on Facebook we are agitated. We get click baited right into drama, whether it is a news story or a status, or a rude comment on our status.

So a social media blackout in the morning until you have aligned your intention and energy. Try to wean yourself off completely. Start unfollowing friends and accounts that light you up. Or quit cold turkey.

4. Next, go ahead and make yourself a cup of tea, coffee or juice; something that nurtures you as you are waking up. Even better, drink a large glass of lemon water to rebalance your chemistry and rehydrate your body and brain.

5. Finally, find a space to practice your meditation. Make sure it is not back in your bed. That is your sleep space. Don’t sit in front of a television, that is a check out, Netflix and chill space. Don’t meditate in an area where you usually pay bills or do bookkeeping, that energy will invade your meditation.

Find a place where you might read a book, or create a space to use exclusively for meditation. It should be a place that doesn’t have a lot of other energy around it so your mind can relax without engaging.

Rather than sitting in lotus or on an a mat, find a chair. This is crucial, especially if you are a beginning meditator. Use a comfortable chair that supports your back and allows your feet to be fully planted on the ground. You want to remain conscious in your morning meditation space.

Baby Steps

We are going to start with baby steps at first, but our meditation practice is of key importance in this journey and something we are going to develop further.

Start with 15 to 30 minutes. If you are new to meditating, it is going to be hard. Like any new routine, diet or exercise, we have to work through some resistance. But with meditation, the benefits are instantaneous so it is worth the initial struggle.

I have created a guided meditation for that is perfect for beginners and for starting your day. It is designed to help you stay alert as you consciously set up your space for the day ahead. It is a great all around mediation for getting and being in your body, rather than transcending it. We will work on transcending later… but first we must get clear and grounded and stable.

You can listen to the meditation here, or download it to your mobile device.

Later you can use the same steps to music of your choice, in silence or in nature.


In the future, I will be posting more advanced content on the blog. It is important for me to put deeper ideas, concepts and information out here. I will still keep some posts more entry-level, and conducive to our practical life, but this “Red Pill” content is going to really push us. It will be more esoteric, pulling from all different religions and traditions, exploring how they relate to each other and how we can apply them to our modern, practical lifestyle.

Stay tuned!

If you have a level of expertise in an area of consciousness expansion, please reach out! I welcome guest posts in this space!


Until next, Love & Light!

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