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It is Day 2 of our 30 Challenge to cultivate FLOW in our lives and make them more meaningful to us.

I want to remind everyone: You don’t have to start on Day 1. You can start today, right now, this moment. You can go back and check out the other days later. Just begin right where you are.

Yesterday, we talked about what I feel is the most important Soul Flow practice: Sacred Sleep. Good sleep is the foundation of all health and wellness and I offered 7 suggestions for how you can make sleep a sacred


Today, we are talking about my FAVORITE Soul Flow practice: CREATIVITY!

Tapping into our creativity is a very effective and powerful way to tap into flow. Being creative every day, keeps flow on hand better than any thing else I practice. If life gets away from me and I can only do one thing… something creative is it.

There are many ways to be creative. Maybe you are a writer, painter, photographer. Maybe you build things or cook or bake! Any skill or hobby you have developed into an art form or passion is where you connect with the creative flow.

For me personally, I like to art journal and dabble with photography. But to art journal, I have to get out my paint, pens, gel mediums, brushes, select collage images, write, set up my space and clean up after. A proper art journal session is at least 3 hours.

With photography, I have 20 pounds of camera and lenses, and usually make a day of it.

This is all wonderful, but I may only be able to find time for these things once or twice a month.

So again with the life hack! In order to connect with my creativity I decided to take at least 1 photo a day with my iPhone. Then I play with it in one or two of the many apps I have. Then I share it on Instagram with the hashtag #InstaSoul.

That’s it.

5 minutes.

The beauty of this practice is, I know I want to take 1 photo every day. That intention opens up flow all day. I look at the world differently. I see beauty in the mundane, in hidden corners, and the Universe brings me photogenic moments that take my breath away.

It creates meaning. Small moments are significant. You find that you slow down. You are present. You are aware. And then you have captured the moment and have the memory to look back on forever.

I offer #InstaSOUL up to you as a Soul Flow practice. Feel free to try it. Use the hashtag so I can enjoy your creative flow too. I am @soul_side_out ~ if you want to follow me.

To conclude this day I want to leave you with a list of apps that I use and LOVE, an item that really enhanced my iPhoneography (yes, that’s a thing!)


Listed in order of use frequency:

  • Instagram (DUH!)

  • Enlight

  • Mextures

  • Stackables

  • ColorStory

  • WordSwag

  • Over

  • Studio

  • Union

  • LensLight


I spent $17 on this. I spent $5000 on my DSLR and I rarely use it now because the iPhone is so convenient and amazing.


This is a set on 3 clip in lenses: 180 Degree Fisheye lens, a + 0.36x Wide Angle Lens and worth the price of the whole set a 20x Macro lens. The lens looks like this:

MPow Macro Lens


It clips over the lens of your camera and you put it right on to whatever tiny thing you want to photograph and you get shots like this:

Finding Flow through Creativity

Inside a small poppy

Finding Flow through Creativity #InstaSOUL

Salt Shaker

Finding Flow through Creativity #InstaSOUL

Blade of Grass Gone to Seed

Finding Flow through Creativity #InstaSOUL


That little $5 lens!!!! Not only do I get a hit of FLOW from using the lens, I am in awe of what I see that I’ve never seen before. The eye of an ant! That the end of a blade of grass has purple flowers!?

One last thing before I go. If #InstaSOUL or iPhoneography seem like something you want to do, or take to an artistic level check out workshops done by Susan Tuttle. Her Mobile Art Mastery: Developing the Visual Poet Within course is superb! I have learned more from Susan about photography, iphoneography and editing than from anything else. I am NOT an affiliate for her courses, I just highly recommend her.

So I am signing off for now! I will be back tomorrow with another broadcast for Day 3 of our Challenge: Soul Reads!

If you have any questions, leave a comment, drop me an email, or message me on Facebook. And if you’ve got Soul Flow ideas or suggestions, I would loooove to hear about ’em.


Come again!


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