Create While You Wait: Digital Art Tutorial

What would we do without our phones nowadays? Now, I am not talking about when we are at lunch with a loved one and we never look up because Facebook is more interesting. I am referring to its potential as an incredible creative tool. Let’s face it, we can’t drag all our paint and pens and paper and gesso everywhere (although, I dare say, I try.) So wherever I am stuck waiting – in an airport… at the dentist… on the toilet – my smart phone can easily transform into a smART phone.

Today, I am going to show you how to create a cool, art journal image using only 3 images and 3 apps!

1. Download the Apps

For this type of image you will need 3 apps. Enlight ($3.99) – a terrific photo editing app which happens to be my favorite. Back Erase (FREE)- which allows you to easily remove unwanted background from your photos & save the image with the erased part transparent. And finally, OVER ($3.99 + $3.99 for the font/graphic extension pack)- a fun, fun, FUN app that allows you to add text and graphic elements to your photos. Yes, I paid $12 for the apps, but that is a sweet deal compared to buying journals and art supplies.

2. Troll for 3 images

The perfect activity for your bathroom break or when your lunch date really is that boring. Google for images. Your looking for a SUBJECT image, a BACKGROUND image, and a FILL image. I knew I wanted to use a photo I had taken of an angel statue, so that was my subject. I Googled “ledger paper background” and “decorative flower background” and found 2 royalty free images to manipulate.

Digital Art Blog step 2

3. Edit your subject photo in Back Erase

Remove the background and any other unwanted elements than save as a PNG to maintain the transparency of the part you erased.

This does not have to be perfect. You can see how my thumb makes some jagged spots and misses others. Once you get it finished you won’t notice.

4. Open the app Enlight

This part has several steps:

    1) Open your SUBJECT image.

    2) Select TOOLS from the Menu

    3) Select MIXER from under tools.

    4) Open your FILL image. (This was my flower paper)

    5) Touch the tools bar at the bottom.


This will allow you to play with the blending options. Pick the style that you like the best. I chose “Soft Light” at 100%. After I chose my blending, I changed the “strength” level to 30%, the selected “erase” to take of some of the flower pattern on my angels face.

 5) SAVE this image.

Angel with blended FILL image


5. Go back to Back Erase

Repeat the removal of the background and any other unwanted elements than save as a PNG to maintain the transparency of the part you erased.

Angel Step 5

6. Go back to Enlight

This time open your BACKGROUND image first. This is my ledger paper. The first image you open is the bottom image.

    1) Select TOOLS from the Menu

    2) Select MIXER from under tools.

    3) Open your Filled Subject image.

    4) Resize it to how you want it to be on the page.

Phone shot working in Enlight

5)  Play with your blending options again. You should be getting the feel of it now. Click the checkmark at the top right side of the screen to save that step.

7. Stay in Enlight

And play with the filters to edit the color and style of your image.  I used Analog: Candela.  Analog: Russet at 30%. And DUO 3.  SAVE your image once you like it.

Digital Journal Page Base complete

7. Open OVER

And play with your image in over to your heart’s content. I used a “Creative Wisdom” Art graphic and some doodle elements to complete my “page.” And of course, my “mark.”

To be human is to be creative

Before and After digital art

So, to be real, this took me 45 minutes to create. Depending on your learning curve with apps and your smART phone, it may take you 2 dentist appointments, PLUS two bathroom breaks to complete. No matter what, it is definitely worth the creative effort with a way more satisfying result than “Sugarcrush!”

Until next…


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