Conscious Creating

I believe that we create our reality. We manifest our experiences by the ideas and feelings we hold. More accurately, we manifest the quality of our experiences by the vibrational quality of the ideas, beliefs and feelings that we hold.

For instance, I am really, really good at contemplating all the things I don’t like about my life. You know, when you are brushing your teeth and actually notice the random ideas that are going on in your mind? Well, most of the time, my mind is playing all the things that I DO NOT like or want in my life. I find I am thinking about the things that I don’t like about my job, the problems I am having with people in my relationships, the things that I am lacking. And my feelings about those things do not feel good. That is the quality I am talking about. I have a knot in my stomach, I feel an underlying frustration, anxiety, “ickiness.”

The Quantum Universe is a dynamic, completely and totally interconnected field. It is omnipresent. It holds everything together and creates all things from it. We are a part of it. Our cells and atoms and electrons are held together by this force and it responds to the way we are feeling about what we are thinking and what we desire and what we want to create.

Sooooooooooo, for me, when I am dwelling on ideas, beliefs and feelings I do not feel good about, guess what? The Quantum responds in kind. Like attracts Like, and more of the things that match my feelings continue to manifest in my life.

Ooops! My bad!

There are a few things that I have done to remedy my errant thoughts and feelings so that I can consciously create the life I enjoy living.

The first thing I did was change my wake up alarm. Using my iPhone clock, I found a mellow song to wake up to. I chose Across The Universe by Rufus Wainwright (appropriate, no?). I also made the Label for that alarm read: “Set Your Vibration First. Align Yourself!”

So the song is the first reminder that I hear. Then the message that I read when I snooze or stop the alarm reminds me to be mindful: I am the one who gets to set the tone for my day.

Do I immediately open Facebook and read annoying posts?

Or the news to see what shit the world has gotten itself into overnight?


I take those first moments to be grateful, set myself on joy and happiness or whatever positive way I want to feel for the rest of the day. Then I decide what it is I want to add to my day. Lately, it hasn’t been opening up social media at all.

The other thing I have changed is my meditation process. Let’s face it, I rarely have the time for a full hour of OM. So instead, I now spend several 5 minute periods in OM throughout the day. You know how you sit for a long time at work so you set a timer to make sure you get up and move throughout the day? Well, I do a 5 minute Psyche Reset several times a day. I call it “Q.”

We all about our IQ. And there is also something called your Emotional IQ. Well, I also think there is a Psy-Q, an Intuition Quotient. So when I “Q,” I take a moment to let go of the physical world and reconnect to that intangible Quantum, and remember who I really am. I have found that 5 minutes 6 to 10 times a day has been way more effective than my hour meditations at keeping me in a positive state of being.

Because of these 2 practices, I find the quality of my thoughts lean toward the positive, hopeful, and optimistic. And when I find myself dwelling on thoughts that make me frustrated, agitated, or pissed off, I recognize it quicker and can make adjustments.

This allows me to create the reality I experience in any given moment.

Until next…


        And may The Force be with you…

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