The Veil is Thin: How to Communicate with Spirit this Hallowmas Season

The veil between our living world and the spiritual world is thinnest this time of year ~ which makes it the perfect time to communicate with spirit.

Yesterday, I was in the bathroom of my little house, and I heard someone walk from the laundry room, through the kitchen and into the living room.

I called out to my daughter, “Kelsea! Is that you?”


I went around the corner and found my cat sitting in the dining room looking up at something… in my empty living room.

“Ah, yes,” I thought to myself. “The veil is thin in October.”

If you are new to spiritual and intuitive development, you may have felt an interesting shift in recent weeks; in yourself and the energy of the atmosphere around you. You may not know what to make of it.

The Hallowmas Season has an ancient history that revolves around the spirit world. And for good reason! It is said, that the veil between worlds is thinnest, this time of year ~ the ‘veil’ being the energetic shroud between our 3D ‘living’ world and the non-physical world of spirit. This makes it the perfect time of year to communicate with spirit and get readings.

An Ancient Wisdom Tradition

The origin of Halloween dates back 2,000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced SOW-in). The Celts, who lived in the area we know as Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France, celebrated Samhain on October 31st. It was their “New Year’s Eve,” the day they marked as the end of summer, the completion of the harvest, and the beginning of the long, cold dark winter.

This time of year was associated with death, and they believed that on this night, the boundary between the living and the dead was the thinnest and that the ghosts of their ancestors returned. They believed the spirits that came through on this night caused mischief and damaged crops, but could also communicate and help them make their predictions for the next year.

They built bonfires to burn crops, made animal sacrifices to their deities, wore costumes of animal skins and heads, and told prophecies for the future.

When the Romans conquered this area in 43AD, they combined Samhain, with their own holiday, Feralia, a day in late October that honored the passing of the dead.

A thousand years later, the Catholic Church replaced this pagan holy day with their own church-sanctioned holiday. All Souls Day was celebrated with bonfires and by dressing up as saints, angels and devils to go “souling,” the precursor to trick or treating, where they would go around asking for food in exchange for a prayer for the soul. The night before All Souls Day was called All-hallows Eve and, later, Halloween.

The belief that the veil is at its thinnest this time of year is still observed in Mexico, where they celebrate “Dia de los Muertos,” the Day of the Dead. Families hold celebrations in cemeteries, decorate their family tombs, bring food and gifts, and pray and communicate with their deceased loved ones.

Dead ancestors, martyrs, angels and devils all reside on the other side of the veil. When so much of human history set aside this time of year as a way of celebrating and communing with this “otherside” of reality, do you think there just might be some truth to it?

Communicating with Spirit

The Thinning Veil & You

Maybe you’ve noticed it; that palpable shift in the air, a crackling static electricity or a chill that tickles your spine out of the blue.

Have you noticed that your dream space is more intense and detailed? Or the loved ones who have transitioned enter your mind more often lately? Have you felt an urge to make their favorite recipe, or to pull out photographs of them or touch objects that belonged to them or were gifts from them?

It is not uncommon at this time of year to see light or shadows pass by from the corner of your eye, or notice that your pets (especially cats) act strange or as if someone is in the room.

If you are not versed in the ways of spirit, this may seem spooky. As an intuitive consultant/medium, I connect and communicate with Spirit quite often. I am used to communicating with spirit at all times of the year, and have developed ways of saying “hello”~and saying “good bye”~ to their presence. I thought some “rules of engagement” might be helpful for those of you who are not used to it and may be experiencing some contact lately.

You may fall into one of three categories: the “Oh, hell no! Leave me alone” group, the “Bring it!” group, or the somewhere in-between. Here are some tools for to help navigate welcome and unwanted contact this spirited season.


Non-believers, skeptics, or those generally ambivalent toward spirit, usually don’t have to worry about spirit contact. Spirit is attracted to open portals. If spirit attempts interaction, and it is denied, pushed away, discounted, or debunked, it won’t waste its time trying to communicate with you.

If you are a believer but are resistant or afraid of spirit contact, your fear and anxiety can actually be magnetic. Emotions with a lower vibration such as anger, fear or depression can attract lower energy spirits ~ the kind most of us don’t want to attract.

Because I am a medium, and tune into spirit regularly, sometimes spirit shows up to talk when I don’t want it, like at night when I am trying to fall asleep. I use the following tools to close the door to spirit.


A quick Grounding Meditation can help you release any negative emotions such as fear and anxiety. It will immediately shift the energy, and put you in the driver seat of the interaction. Once you are grounded you can either “tune in” or block out spirit.

When unwanted or inconvenient contact happens, this is my first response. I get grounded and then chose another tool if I have to. Most of the time grounding alone is enough.

Energetic Clearing & Shielding

Clearing your space of residual negative energy and emotions can help keep unwanted spiritual visitors away. Not only clearing your energy field on a regular basis but especially after negative interactions or arguments.

I do this during my daily meditation and again before I give a reading. After grounding, I clear my energy field using a protection symbol. I use a rose, in the tradition of Berkeley Psychic Institute, using it as a wand to clean and clear stuck energy from my space.

You can do this for your room, your house, your property, your neighborhood… sweeping away any energies or spirit you don’t want there.

Then I place a fresh protection symbol at the boundary of my space, marking my territory. This tells spirit where my “no fly zone” is. Spirit is never allowed to ‘touch’ me.

You see, spirit doesn’t have a body or a relationship with material structure. So while you would not stand nose to nose with another person because it would be invasive, spirit doesn’t have that boundary awareness.

When I was a teenager, I had an experience with a ghost who would punch me as I was falling asleep, and walk through me if I was standing in her way. That stopped after I implemented this tool.

I use protection roses to clear my bedroom and house, and then use them to mark its boundaries as well. When I get quiet and settle down at night, spirits think it is a good time to have a chat. If I mark my territory this way, they stay out.

Cast Them Out

Speak to them directly. Simply tell them “no,” “not now,” “leave,” or “go away.” Say it like you would to a 3 year old who is pushing your boundaries, firm and direct. Then clear your space and set up protection symbols.

Protection Objects

A protection object is any object that you declare is for protection.

It can be a traditional religious object, such as a cross or figurine of Mary or Jesus. It can be a dream catcher or a holy medal.

You can use crystals or stones such as black tourmaline, onyx, or agate.

You can also use salt around your home as a protection element.

Chose a protection object that resonates with you, and then declare it as protection with a verbal, intention statement. Although I do not use physical protection objects, many people find them very helpful.

Understanding, Education & Experience

First, understand that you are spirit, too… spirit in a body. This is powerful! You manifested a physical vessel to inhabit and you have dominion over your physical environment. Disincarnate spirit is not more powerful than you are. It’s just energy. The only power it has is what you choose to give it.

Once you understand that, fear goes away. Then, if you want, you can learn how to acknowledge and communicate with spirit. As your experience accumulates so will your confidence.

How to Communicate with Spirit


If you welcome contact from the other side of the veil, this is a great time of year to do it, but you will want to ensure that only the most positive and loving spirits come forward and you are prepared.

Before I open myself to communicating with spirit, I always prepare myself energetically, pretty much using the same tools I listed for closing the portal, except with the opposite intent.

I spend about an hour in meditation; getting grounded and centered, clearing my energetic space, protecting my personal space and the room I am in with a shielding tool, and saying a protection prayer.

I usually light a candle and invoke spirit with a clearly stated intention for the outcome I desire. It sets the ground rules for how we will act during the interaction. I say it out loud, especially when I am doing a session for another person, so it bonds all involved with the same intent.

A PRAYER Of Intention

Communicating with spirit is a holy endeavor. Calling upon your Divine Source to bless the space, protect the space and have the outcome be for the highest good of all involved, is a necessary step ~ whether I am planning to communicate with someone’s loved ones, or with angels and guides.

An example of a Prayer of Intention:

Divine Source,(God, Allah, Essence…) Please allow me to connect to your divine wisdom and knowledge. As we read, allow the cosmic and earth energies to flow through our bodies, opening the doors through which we become more aware of our spirituality and increase our communication with you. May it be with your blessing that whatever happens during this session benefits each of us in our spiritual growth, awareness and understanding.


Once you have set the space you are ready to invite spirit to speak to you.

Sit in a light meditative state, and engage in a conversation. Ask questions. Write down whatever comes to you, however it comes. Avoid judging it or dismissing it, just write your impressions.


So how does spirit speak to us anyway? Well, a lot of it depends on you! We all have access to the same Soul Skills, but we are often stronger in one area than another, especially when we are just starting to play with our gifts.

Here are the most common ways spirit may communicate with you.


The most common means of communication is through dreams. When you sleep, your belief structures and resistance come down. Loved ones, Spirit Guides and Angels will often show up in dreams to have a conversation over a cup of coffee or a meal.

During a dream state you can get a lot of visiting done with a loved one or a lot of information from your spirit guide. I have had encounters with angels, my dad, my grandmothers, and even beings from other planets.

Dreamtime is a portal to crossing the veil yourself, so it is a natural way for spirit to initiate contact.


Telepathy is when you receive information in your mind, that another person or spirit has sent to you. It can be words, pictures, or hearing it without sound. Telepathy, the Soul Skill of the 5th Chakra, is very common and the most easily accessed of all the Soul Skills.

It feels instinctual, like how birds would communicate while migrating. My intuition tells me that our ancestors used telepathy as a way of communicating to other tribes and loved ones who were on a hunt or gathering. You may have experienced it when a friend pops into your head, and then the phone rings and it is them.

Spirit can use this pathway to communicate with you because you probably still use this even without being aware. When you ask spirit a question, you will receive a short burst of information, a yes or no or a word.

When I misplace something, I use telepathy when I ask spirit where it is, and I get a word or an image of where it is sent back.


It’s hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it, but clairaudience feels like you are hearing it, yet there is no sound – your ears are not involved. You know how you wake up in the morning “hearing” a song repeating in your head? It’s like that–like your inner voice, only you can definitely tell it is not you.

While it is similar to telepathy, with clairaudience you will “hear” longer bits of communication~more like a real conversation.

This type of communication is very common with intuitives and mediums. Like telepathy, it is a function of the 5th Chakra.


This is a function of the Third Eye, 6th Chakra. This is when you “see” information in your mind’s eye. Clairvoyance feels similar to a daydream that you are seeing in your imagination.

I utilize clairvoyance a lot during sessions. Spirits show me pictures of themselves, so I can describe them to their loved ones. Or show me movies of events that happened. Or they will throw symbols at me, which is sometimes harder to decipher… but usually if I just speak the symbol to a client they understand it right away, even though I don’t.


A Third Chakra Soul Skill, when you feel information in your body. When I ask a spirit how they died, I may “feel” a heart attack.

I don’t like to use clairsentience too much, but in moderation it can really clarify communication.


This is the experience of just ‘knowing’. It is a complete, total, and instantaneous understanding you experience in your entire being, on a soul level. You know it as fact, bypassing using the brain to figure it out. It is a hard concept to explain, but if you’ve experienced it, you understand.


This doesn’t happen often. Spirit has to generate a lot of energy to break through the veil in order to be physically heard.

When spirit speaks this way it is loud and clear, like they are sitting right at your ear, but yet calling from a distance.

It happens most often when you are in danger and spirit is trying to get your attention. They say your name, or “Look up!” There was one time when my dad made a comment about a football game I was listening to… even though he had passed away more than a year before! Even with all my experience with spirit, I almost drove off the road!


When you are finished with a session, thank spirit for it’s time, and say goodbye. Energetically show them the door like you would any guest, and then complete some of the “Closing the Portal” exercises above.

Communicating with spirit is an enriching experience. It opens up your understanding that there is so much more to the nature of reality than just the physical dimension.

Feel free to share your experiences with me by leaving a comment or sending me a message. I am always available for a reading session if you are interested in contacting a loved one. Coaching is also available if you’d like to develop your own Soul Skills.


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Until next, Happy Halloween! Ghost emoji

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  1. One night I was in a room in my and in remember smelling a rotten egg stench I was home alone and I was in my brothers room and all of the sudden everything fell and I started hearing things and I saw something in the doorway disappear it was the scariest time my 3 cats ran what should I do I keep getting hit scratched and pushed and when I heard it speak it said “I don’t want to harm you but I want your ……” And went out I didn’t know what to do then one day I had a priest come and the ghost asked me why I was doing this and i don’t know how to communicate could you help

    • Did the priest help?
      This is not a ghost of a departed human… the sulfer smell indicates something more ‘demonic’…
      How it got there is a good question… who is it attached to? If it is your brother or someone else they ‘invited’ that energy in through dark behaviors such as drug use, alcohol, dark sexual activity, etc.
      Once invited they are not something you want to connect or communicate with.
      Eliminate how it is connected, by eliminating the portal it is coming through. If someone is using drugs or tapping into this energy, they need to stop.
      Or leave the house, and then the being will leave with them.
      The priest or an energy worker willing to do a cleansing. Prayer. Etc.
      I will pray for your strength and protection. Where their are demons their are also angels.

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