Calling Your Energy Back

By The Sea


We leave pieces of ourselves everywhere.

Quantum fibers of our essence; with people, with problems, with places.

When we love something, like our family and friends or our favorite vacation hideaway, and we leave a soul print with them.

When we are afraid or stressed about things, like our relationships, our jobs or our finances, we leave even more of ourselves in them.

Over time, we can end up giving so much of ourselves away that we lose our bearings. You know those times when you feel depleted, drained, empty, done? That’s a sign that you may need to call your energy back. We can reset our energy in many ways. We can take a walk. We can take a nap. We can meditate. We can treat ourselves to some alone time with a cup of tea. We do this resetting all the time. Sometimes daily. But sometimes it doesn’t work.

Have you ever felt really angry, resentful, depressed—maybe you cry for what seems like no reason and EVERY reason at the same time? Yeah, you are probably missing some big soul-chunks. When we get like this it is imperative that we get our energy back ASAP.

Today was one of those days for me, and a nap was not gonna cut it. I realized I had been giving way too much of my energy away lately and I was feeling utterly empty.

It just so happened that I was on Highway 1 passing Paharo Dunes. Impulsively, I veered off course and made my way toward the beach.

You want to shift your mood fast? Get next to the waves and breathe in some of its abundant negative ions.

This is not just some “Aw nah, Shannan’s getting Woo-Woo now” stuff! This is some real SCIENTIFIC / Bill Nye stuff!

“Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.”

This is from WebMD, People!!!!

Let’s put this in context. Normal ion counts in fresh country air is 2,000-4,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. At a large waterfall there can be over 100,000 negative ions. And polluted air, like in a city, might have less than 100.

Now when you get next to the ocean or a waterfall (or even in your shower) there is a higher concentration of negative ions to positive ones. The ocean typically has 2000 negative ions and 1000 positive. The force of falling or splashing water splits the neutral particles of air… which frees electrons… which then attach to other air molecules… which then causes a negative charge… which we breathe in… and then we calm down!

So, long, scientific story short, I got my ass to the beach!

I crawled up and over a massive sand dune, plopped myself on the tidal berm, and I literally bawled my eyeballs out with relief. Serendipitously, there was no one on this beach for 5 miles, so I mean it when I say bawled. I sobbed. I moaned. I made weird, primal whimpering noises. I really let the ocean have it!


Sand Piper

This guy was there, but I don’t think he cared.

I finally started breathing. Long, strong inhales… shuddering exhales. In with the good juju… out with the bad.

Within 10 minutes, I had my senses back and I started thinking of all the other places my energy was rather than with ME! I felt like Neo in the Matrix, tapped into  with huge cords like I am the Energizer Bunny fueling the world.

Winding out in the sand in front of me was a twisted snake of sticky, rubbery kelp. I immediately thought of how exactly like it was to all the cords of energy from other people and issues that were attached to me. I decided I needed to go beyond the negative ion absorption phase.

I strolled along the surf gathering kelp ropes. I visualized each one as a cord attaching me to a person or issue. As I held it, I imagined that I was pulling all my energy back from it and disengaging it from my space. I walked a mile over broken sand dollars and crab casings with their insides eaten out; nature looking as spent and wasted as I felt.

I did this until I felt “done,” then, ceremonially, I braided them together in a wreath at the surf line, blessed them, thanking them for their lesson, and watched as the sea took it back.


Kelp Wreath


Recycling Ond Cords


Sometimes, it may only take a little thing to create the shift you need to find yourself again. Sometimes, it may take a change of venue and some negative ions to set us right. But maybe we need a symbolic ritual to call our energy back home.

It was really amusing: when I was feeling depleted and bankrupt, all I found at my feet were broken sand dollars.

As the waves pulled my detached cords into the undertow, I found that I was surrounded by a ring of perfect and whole sand dollars.


Sand Dollar Abundance


Now THAT is your Woo-Woo Shannan Shit!

And now, for your moment of zen… (and virtual negative ionic transfer)




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