Calling Your Energy Back + a FREE Meditation Track


It is Day 8 of Finding Flow and Making Meaning 30 Day Challenge. When I woke up this morning, everything felt really off balance. I don’t know if you have ever really felt this way, like the world is off-balance or like you are on a cruise ship and is listing a bit.

It felt like a planetary issue, not so much a personal issue. When I feel this way, I usually check my news feed and see if something big has happened or if there was an earthquake somewhere close.

But it also could have been because summer is drawing to a close and peope are scrambling to fit in last minute trips and get ready for school. All that shifting energy before we start getting grounded for the fall, and hibernating for the winter.

So when things seem scattered and off around you, something you can do is a quick grounding, centering and calling your energy back meditation.

Feel free to download the track to your phone, and listen wherever you go, whenever you need to get present.


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Until tomorrow…

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Shannan Sinclair is a writer, artist, Intuitive Consultant & Soul Coach. It is her soul-driven calling to collaborate in the spiritual blossoming of her fellow Evolutionaries. She offers live and online workshops, coaching, intuitive readings, and creates Soul Systems to help fulfill that mission. Download a FREE copy of "Soul Flow: A Workbook for Creating a Lifestyle the Nourishes Your Soul" In her free time, she raised up two soul beings into beautiful, strong, capable women, teaches Zumba & is a 911 Dispatcher.

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