Anxiety! Is it the Voice of Your Intuition?

anxiety is it the voice of intuition


Panic! And worry! And fear! Oh my!

We are a culture plagued by anxiety. In fact, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness affecting Americans. In the past 30 years, anxiety levels have jumped 1,200 percent, affecting 40 million adults in the United States or 18% of the population.*

That’s one in five of us!

We spend over $2 billion a year on anti-anxiety medications. And who knows how much we spend to self-medicate – on alcohol, food, weed, whatever it takes to calm us down!

We are edgy. Our blood pressure rages. Our hearts pound. We can’t breathe. We bolt awake in the middle of the night and our thoughts race.

Sometimes we are completely incapacitated.

Is this you?

Me too!



So what CAUSES all our anxiety?


Well, if you Google that question, the number one response is:

“The cause is not clear. The condition often develops for no apparent reason.”


Isn’t that helpful?

There are factors that can play a part, such as: genetic makeup, other existing mental health problems, childhood traumas, PTSD, family crisis, or situational circumstances. But even minor stresses, which you may otherwise have easily coped with, can trigger the condition––and then it just doesn’t go away… like once you become allergic to something, you stay allergic. Well, sometimes once an anxiety pattern is triggered, it just sticks around.

But could there be another reason why we just cannot deal? Something that allows anxiety a foothold and sabotages our wellbeing?

It is my personal belief that all physical, mental, and emotional issues we suffer from, have their root in a DIS-EASE of the soul; chinks in our spiritual selves that, over time, manifest into real issues.


That does NOT mean, we should not seek medical remedies for our problems. Absolutely! When any type of illness is affecting our lives adversely, we should consult a doctor and follow prescribed courses of action on that front.


We should also consult our souls to see where we are misaligned, and what we are trying to tell ourselves.


This is the long-game, and not to be ignored.

You see, in my personal experience, highly sensitive, intuitive people tend to have major anxiety problems, especially if they are not validating, utilizing, or developing their intuitive skills on a regular basis.

We live in a society that values rational thought processes, over emotions, and more detrimentally, over our spiritual gifts of intuition.

Seriously, we encourage all the over thinking that we do!

Our modern era has diminished the shaman and witch (our first holistic healers) and our mass exodus from The Church and the transcendence of religious dogma, has left many of us without a framework for our spiritual life.

As a result, few of us know how to recognize when it is our intuition that is communicating with us. We are conditioned to tune out our soul.


Your intuition is always communicating with you, but if you have shut down listening to it, it may start screaming to be heard, and this feels exactly the same as anxiety:

  • a hit to the gut
  • nausea
  • a constriction in the chest
  • the heart racing
  • a closing of the throat
  • shaking or trembling
  • a headache or migraines

We interpret these symptoms as fear or anxiety, and immediately try to think our way out of it.

Over time, we become disoriented by our intuition clamoring to be heard and the signals of anxiety and fear. If you deal with anxiety, you know how crippling this can be. You begin to mistrust your instincts, and don’t know how to respond appropriately.

But these same physical symptoms are the way your “spidey sense” tries to get your attention. And when you start learning its language, and begin listening to its information, you will find that the physical manifestation STOPS, before it ever gets started.

Highly psychic people, Indigos, Crystals, empaths, healers, mediums, and other intuitive types can also suffer from Social Anxiety Disorders. Going out with friends or into public places can be very difficult. We’ve labeled it with a diagnosis, and treat it with medication, but never explore the real cause.

“My brain just does that” or “It’s just brain chemistry.”

This is not the whole answer.

When psychic, or empathic people, go out in public, they experience overwhelming influxes of energy from people around them that can be extremely difficult to understand and manage.

If a moderately sensitive person is an AM radio antenna, a highly sensitive person is an HD satellite dish. They are bombarded by all the frequency and intense vibrations around and directed at them.

Most of us were never given the proper language for this experience, nor the tools to manage it.

Your intuition is a beautiful, miraculous gift!

It should not be swallowed down, repressed, suppressed, invalidated, diminished or mind-phucked out of existence.

Developing a healthy, functioning intuition – your natural, non-physical, psychic senses – is a long-term SOULution to managing, even banishing, anxiety.

Once accessed, understood, and utilized on an every day basis, it will not only relieve you of uncontrollable anxiety, it will change your life.

Learning to DISCERN between energies––non-physical signals vs physical reality information––is the key to mastering and creating the life you want to lead.

Over the next several weeks, I will be offering information and free downloads on how you can create a more SOUL-full lifestyle, that incorporates, develops and honors your intuition.

And then, coming this fall, when all of the bustle of summer activity winds down, and we start turning inward again, I will be launching the Living Soul Side Out Masterclass, an online 6-week workshop and community that will help you develop and integrate your Soul Skills into your everyday life.

But I’m not going to leave you suffering with anxiety until all these programs and tools roll out.

Here are 5 things you can do today to reduce your anxiety.


1. Say “HELLO” to your Intuition

You know how you feel when you are trying to communicate something and the other person isn’t listening or getting it? Well, the mere acknowledgment of your intuition’s existence will work wonders on preventing its communication from intensifying to the point you think you are having a heart attack.

You don’t even have to understand WHAT it is saying yet. Just acknowledging that it is saying something will tone down the volume. Sometimes the mere “Hello, I see you” not only shuts it down completely, but will also give you the answer or psychic information.

Just the reframing of anxiety from a bad, dreaded thing, to a positive and useful tool, can shift the whole situation for you.


anxiety is intuition



If you are an antenna, and all this information is coming in too fast and too hot, GET GROUNDED. Sit in a chair, barefoot feet planted on the floor and imagine all the excess energy that is “attacking” you, falling right out of your body, into the ground, and all the way to the center of the earth.

Or go outside and walk around barefoot. Literally make contact, sole to earth. You can even lay your body on the ground and imagine the earth absorbing all the thoughts, emotions, energy in your space.

3. Center and Visualize

If you are at work and laying out on the lawn isn’t appropriate, try sitting in a chair, shoes off, feet planted on the floor and find the center of your head.

I notice, when I am having anxiety or over-thinking, a lot of my energy is either in the frontal lobe of my brain (forehead), or scattered around all over town.

I literally put my fingers on my head –– behind my temples and above my ears –– like this:


Anxiety tool Center and vizualize

And I imagine pulling all of my energy back into the center of my head.

Take a deep breath and pull all of your consciousness back to you and step back away from the thoughts.

From there you have space, to visualize.

Imagine a magnet about 4 feet away, and imagine that it looooves eating mind-Phở.

Watch as it magnetizes all the thoughts and crazy, anxiety energy away from your space and absorb it. Keep doing this… re-finding the center of your head (because, if you are like me, you may wander)… Watch the magnet absorb all the mind-Phở… until you feel calmer.

Then, rocket that magnet into space and let it explode in some far off galaxy.

4. Utilize

If the anxiety is agitating, using it for physical activity helps dissipate it. I like to take a walk in nature, which is both grounding and utilizing. I also do yard work, which again, has a grounding component.

Or clean my house! I think that’s my favorite.

My house is really clean.

5. Laugh at it!

Not even kidding. Anxiety thinks it is very, VERY SERIOUS!

The world is ending and you are dying.

Everything is catastrophic and worst-case-scenario.

And Anxiety happens to be completely wrong.

When we are anxious, our brains come up with all sorts of outlandish ideas–many of which are highly unrealistic. So laugh at it. Even a fake “Ha Ha” if that’s all you can muster.

Laughter releases endorphins that naturally alleviate anxiety and depression. So laugh hard at anxiety’s expense. Read a funny meme. Find a cute animal video. Watch a comedy. Just find a way to tickle your funny bone–STAT!

Hopefully, you won’t have the need to use any of these tools any time soon, but if you do, I would loooooove to hear how it worked for you, or how you modify it for yourself. So come back here and drop me a line!

Just remember: when anxiety starts talking, tune in and start listening!

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Until next, stay grounded and soar high!

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