Aligning with the Source Field

It is Day 3 of our 6 Days of Epiphany ~ The Visioning Sessions. Today we will be talking about the quantum field, Creative Source, God, Allah, the Tao, Yahweh, the Big Kahuna… whatever you call the Infinite Intelligence we exist in. Our individual consciousness is connected with this ocean of power and information. We are going to access that, and allow it to clarify and infuse our Vision.


In this visioning process, we do not rely solely upon our own action steps and effort, we enlist the infinite power of this ‘source field,’ or whatever it is you call your divine power. I am going to call it the Source Field, because it keeps it more neutral for all belief systems.

Because, IT is indeed, neutral.

You do not need to believe anything for this process and energy to work for you. We have been programmed to believe that this Source Field/God is good, love, peace, and it/he works for us because we hold certain belief structures, it/he agrees with.

That is a human construct of control and power. We have a polarized brain, live on a polarized planet, and think in a polarized way. Black/white, positive negative, good /evil, right wrong. That is OUR, human issue.

The Source Field energy, transcends that bullshit. It is completely neutral… infinitely powerful, always in process of CREATION.

This Universal Power pervades all space, and animates all things. It is the connective energy that ties protons, electrons, neutrons together to make them material.

It will flow in to any consciousness that invites it. YOU have the ability to tap into that, pull it into your consciousness and convert it into dynamic thoughts and actions.

Every person. For good or for evil.


I hate to bring up fictional stories because I don’t want to downplay the truth of this matter. But in Star Wars, they talk about The Force. And you have Jedis in white (we think of them as the good guys), Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Obi Wan Kanobi and then there are the Siths, they also channel The Force… just like Jedi do. They choose to use it for darker things, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul… all Siths.

The point is The Force just IS.

It is like supernatural Play doh. Just there, being powerful, ever-ready to create. We are the channels. You are held together by this energy, everything is. You swim in it. You cannot be without it or be separate from it. You do get to choose how you wield it.


Today, we practice a simple technique for tapping into that field, so that every decision we make and action we take is aligned with the Source Field, our vision and right action.

We are tapping in for clarity and answers. In order to do that you must quiet the rational mind. We talked about that a bit yesterday, in order to get in touch with our authentic voice. Stepping away from the constant chatter of our brain that occupies all of our attention.

When we shift into the unconscious mind, and drop into the silence, you will get in touch with the infinite realms of consciousness.

The Master Key System

In 1912, a man named Charles Haanel wrote a book and correspondence course called the Master Key System, where he outlined and taught a very simple meditation technique for tapping into this source field and utilizing it to focus on our goals and manifest our desires.

There are 7 steps in Haanel’s Manifestation Process, but today we are going to do the first 3.

  1. Remembering to pause and turn inward
  2. Quieting the Mind and entering the Silence
  3. Opening inwardly to receive insight

I have created another meditation track for you with these three steps guided for you.

We are going to go into this space with the intent to hear answers and guidance as to the direction of our Vision and to explore what we want to create.

Once you have done it a few times, you can do it on your own at ANY TIME. In fact, taking the time 2 to 3 times a day will help you connect and hear better.

Join me tomorrow, where we finally start putting our vision on paper, and make it real.

Until then, Love and Light!


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Shannan Sinclair is a writer, artist, Intuitive Consultant & Soul Coach. It is her soul-driven calling to collaborate in the spiritual blossoming of her fellow Evolutionaries. She offers live and online workshops, coaching, intuitive readings, and creates Soul Systems to help fulfill that mission. Download a FREE copy of "Soul Flow: A Workbook for Creating a Lifestyle the Nourishes Your Soul" In her free time, she raised up two soul beings into beautiful, strong, capable women, teaches Zumba & is a 911 Dispatcher.

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