Accessing the Dreamscape

It is Day 2 of our 6 Days of Epiphany ~ The Visioning Sessions, and today we are going to dive deeper~accessing the Dreamscape~to explore our soul’s code, our deepest dreams, our core desires, and develop a VISION for ourselves that we can plant goals in.

A vision fuels everything you do

The reason our goals and resolutions die so quickly every year is because most of the time they are not planted into a deeper purpose. When we add purpose to our goals, it adds meaning to them and propels them forward with energy.

Yesterday we talked about our Souls Code, our inborn imperative… the CALLING coded into our very soul that we must operate from in order to find fulfillment with our lives.

For instance, I have discovered that my Souls Code is Exploring and Expressing. I love trying new things, meeting new people, discovering ideas that I have never explored before. I thrive on that exploration and find deep joy in expressing these new ideas and experiences into my world.

In 2017, I explored the area dreams and consciousness and expressed them into a new novel. I could have just set a goal of writing 2,000 words a day and finishing a novel. But tapping into my Soul’s Code took this goal to a different level. I don’t think I would have published Time Walker if I used simple goal setting.


Yesterday I asked some questions meant to seed your consciousness in hopes that they would percolate and that your soul would start communicating what your code is. Today we are going to take that a bit farther.

We are programmed to sit in our rational, this-or-that, “thinking” brain. We rarely go deep enough to hear our soul, our wisdom, our divinity, speaking to us.

So yesterday I started with some basic questions. Today, we are going to plant some more, but we are going to do it from a daydream, Theta space.


I have included a link to a short meditation that will guide you in exploring the deeper desires of what you want to create in your life.

It is best if you do this from a daydream space, rather than at night… resting but then getting up. You will have a better chance of pulling your subconscious epiphanies up and into your thought process. So allow yourself an hour, to rest, relax, explore, and then journal what came up for you.

Don’t be surprised if you feel some resistance. You may also feel emotional or overwhelmed with the outpouring of information. Again, keep your journal or notepad nearby at all times to capture your AHA’s.

Tomorrow, we will be talking about the quantum field, Source, God, the Big Kahuna… whatever you call the bigger connected ocean we swim in… allowing it to clarify and infuse our Vision for 2018.

Until then, Love & Light!






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