The 4 G’s of Abundance Consciousness

Today’s topic is about something that has been on my mind recently.

“Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.” (Thanks Snoop D. O. Double G!)

Oh, it is definitely August! There are several birthdays I have to celebrate. I take vacation this time every year. Summer is wrapping up, and there are last minute “summer” things to do. Then, the holiday season starts barreling down on us.

And every August I notice my resources flowing out more than seem to be flowing in.

I realized this is a yearly pattern. January through June I recuperate from the spending of August though December.

Inevitably, this triggers Scarcity Consciousness for me.

We all deal with Scarcity Consciousness ~ that pervasive feeling of lack or of missing out on something. Most of us associate it with a feeling of lack around money and not having enough of it. But it is really a feeling of lack about any resource that it takes to accomplish our goals or a project, whether it be time, energy, talent, or, of course, money.

Social media can trigger our scarcity consciousness. We are constantly exposed to what we perceive as everybody’s perfect lives; their perfect bodies, great clothes and amazing vacations. Scarcity Consciousness is the voice that says, “I can’t do, be, or have this because…”

So, while I usually start feeling Scarcity Consciousness around money this time of year, it is something we can feel about anything at any time.

To combat this mindset, I created an ongoing Soul Flow practice to cultivate Abundance Consciousness instead of Scarcity Consciousness. I call it my 4 G’s of Abundance.

1. Grasp the Concept

The first step in developing Abundance Consciousness is to GRASP the concept: understand that Scarcity Consciousness is a thing, and recognize when it has crept into your thought patterns.

Becoming aware of the thought process in yourself is the first thing you can do to change that scarcity state of mind.

So when you are looking at a friend’s new car, their fit body, or the fabulous vacation they are on, and think “I can’t have that because…” or feel envy, or get a knot of negativity in your stomach, THAT is the moment of awareness. That is the instant that you can shift your thought process and energy.

Just by recognizing when you are feeling something negative, less than, or lacking in your life, gives you the power to shift. Until you notice it you cannot change it.

2. Grounding

I’ve talked about Grounding our bodies and personal space before. But we can ground other things as well!

I frequently ground my financial space. There are two ways I do this.

First, I keep a ledger. Yes! A checkbook! I do not operate my finances based on my ATM receipts or what the bank says my balance is. In fact, I start to get a bit of anxiety when I start have too much white in my wallet. When the receipts pile up in the wallet, it is definitely grounding time for my financial space.

I know a lot of people who just check their balance and toss all their receipts, like they don’t want to know. Well, knowing, and managing, and planning, are all grounding activities. Understanding where your resources are and where your resources are going helps clear the space for abundance to flow.

I write everything down in my ledger and follow a budget. Having a plan and keeping track of in flow and outflow, keeps my financial abundance grounded and aligned.

The second grounding tool I use, is actually putting a grounding cord on my checkbook ledger.

Yes, I also ground things, and sometimes other people.

For instance, when my children were toddlers, and were losing their shit, I’d ‘throw’ a grounding cord on them.

Wizard status! wizard status

I also throw grounding cords on cars swerving in traffic, when people are out of control or in heated arguments, on my own car before I commute, and my financial space.

For me, it is a way of energetically marking my territory. It keeps other energy off of my abundance space and keeps it a protected, sacred space for me.

3. Gratitude

If you want more blessings to flow into your life, being grateful for what you already have opens that door.

I wake up in the morning begin my day with a gratitude practice. Grateful for waking up another day. Grateful for the comfortable bed I am sleeping in. Grateful for my healthy body.

Need a great example? Check out Jessica:

A first-thing-in-the-morning gratitude practice sets the tone for the rest of the day, and sets the vibration for law of attraction to bring you more blessings.

I end the day the same way. When I journal before I fall asleep, I contemplate the day and think upon three things that made my day special and that I am thankful for.

Being grateful for what you already have, blesses the space for what is to come.

I use gratitude specifically around my financial space in two ways.

When I write a check, in the memo field I write, “Grateful for: ________________” and write what my financial exchange is giving me. “Grateful for my beautiful home.” “Grateful for my car that takes me places.”

I also do this when I swipe my ATM card somewhere. “Grateful for these groceries that are nutritious and delicious.” “Grateful for this dress that makes me feel pretty.” “Grateful for the electricity that shines light so I can see.”

I bless the resources as they go out, knowing that abundance flows into an open, receptive container.

4. Generosity

Abundance is a FLOW state. The Universe operates within the dynamic of exchange. There is the inhale and the exhale, high tides and low tides, warm summers, cold winters, conversation and silence, a filling and an emptying. There is circulation.

Abundance flows through us. It is not meant to come in and stop.

Of course if we only give, and are never open or allow receiving, we deplete our resources and bankrupt ourselves. But if we only receive, and hoard our resources, we stagnate.

As Deepak Chopra says, “In our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.”

Generosity is not only about giving money or material things, it is about spirit. We can be generous with love, affection, compliments, forgiveness, laughter, and kindness.

When you give a gift, either material or in spirit, bless it as it flows out.

Also, when you see blessings and abundance flowing into someone else’s life, BLESS IT as well! Be generous with your gratitude for abundance whenever and wherever you see it, then watch how it starts flowing into your life!

These are the 4 G’s of Abundance Consciousness that I personally practice in my financial space, especially when I notice lack consciousness creeping in.

Converting lack consciousness into abundance consciousness is a worthwhile soul flow practice to implement into your daily life.

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Until next, stay open, be in FLOW!

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