Born on Easter Sunday as dawn broke upon The Great Valley.

Starseed. Dreamwalker. Mystic.

Wild warrior woman.

High Priestess.


Lover of sticky bars with dirty glasses where strangers tell me stories and sacred secrets.

Soul charmer. “Come out, come out wherever you are!”

Shannan Sinclair

Hello Soulmate! My name is Shannan!

I am a writer, artist and Intuitive Soul Coach. You’ve landed at Soul Side Out, a space where I share inspiration, guidance, and tools for helping you build your Soul-full life.

It is my soul’s mission to spread love & light and help other souls awaken and develop ~ from the inside, out.

I have had… **cue the “quote fingers”**… ✌️experiences✌ my entire life: “spiritual,” “paranormal,” bizarro,” “miraculous,” “woo-woo,” and “woo-whoo” experiences.

I love sharing my stories (and I surely will here), I especially love hearing yours, but most of all I love supporting you in creating more!

You truly have access to all the answers, to every question, right inside you, at all times. As an Intuitive Soul Coach, I help my clients discover and develop their Soul Skills ~ the Spiritual Superpower of Intuition ~ and to treat their sensitivity as the natural gift it is. Intuitive Soul Coaching is a transformational growth experience in which you are truly validated as the magical being that you are.

Even though we are all gifted with these Superpowers, sometimes we can benefit from a little extra insight from an Intuitive Consultant. During an intuitive reading, I see, hear and feel where my clients may be blocked, within themselves, in their relationships and in their careers. I then help them discover what their possible next steps may be.

I have trained at the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) Clairvoyant Program: where I learned how to manage and better access my own Soul Skills, the American Institute of Holistic Theology: where I studied Holistic Theology and Ministry, and with the International Coaching Academy: where I learned how to support others in self discovery and manifesting their desires.

I have been doing Energy Healing work since my training at BPI, and I have also completed Reiki 1, 2 and 3.

I have used and studied Tarot for over 25 years. I utilize them for reading energy during consulting sessions, and in my personal life on a daily basis.

I honor my calling by sharing my work and passing on what I have learned. I am grateful for every opportunity to collaborate in the spiritual blossoming of fellow humans. I believe the more of us that get in touch with our TRUE selves, the greater peace we will have, the more joy we will experience, and the deeper and more meaningful our connections will be.

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