The World Needs Your Light ~ A Call to Stillness

Dear Ones,

Kindred spirits and Soul Mates,

Today I want to address the elephant in the room.

I have been witnessing and intuiting a collective vibe in the world… and for sure, feeling it in myself.

So let me start by asking you…

Are you feeling closed?

Coiled up and tense?

Curled up in the fetal position?

Has it been building these past few months; your worries, your fears?



Has it been growing exponentially?

I hear you. I see you. I feel you.

We are grieving. Resisting. Feeling pulled into a polarized state of being. Collectively.

This is not just politics. Although that may be a part of it for you. I know it is for me.

But really, this is energy.

The world does not feel compassionate, kind or loving.

It feels hostile.

And dark.


You have an open, compassionate heart. You feel the weight of others pain and suffering. You feel the anger, the rage, the discord vibrating around you.

You have been bombarded by these emotions, energies, and frequencies, and now you can’t tell what is yours, and what is not.

Is it your anger or someone else’s? Your pain? Your suffering?

This happens when you are sensitive and open. We pick up on all the vibrations and frequencies around us. And sometimes we move from compassion (which has boundaries) and into sympathy where we actually feel someone else’s emotional and spiritual state as our own. And over time, we get lost.

It is hard enough dealing with our own energetic state right now, without being bogged down by everything else.

THIS is a wake up call

Now is not the time to wallow in these lower vibrations. They are lowering your frequency and dimming your light.

And we cannot be diminished.

We can not be extinguished.

This is not the time for wallowing. This is a time for remembering.

You are magnificent and powerful. You came here on assignment to create shift, and to assist in a transition.

Did you think it was over?

Did you think we had arrived?

Did you think that each step forward would not have a rebound effect?

I mean this is planet Earth we’re talking about, right?

We live in a physical dimension, and this plane is still one of duality. Yin/Yang. Darkness/light. Right/wrong. Winning/losing. And on and on.


Most of us live by what we call the Golden Rule: We do unto others, what we want others to do unto us.

The Law of Karma also says, what we put out in the world, we get back.

So we expect that when we do good, send love, show compassion, live our purpose, we get the like energy back.

But aren’t we surprised, when we do something good, or are shining our light, that “bad” comes back… Resistance shows up, through people and situations, and our enthusiasm get smothered, or we get pushed down.

It’s like, “Wait a minute, why is this my Karma? I should be getting good back~love back!”

Well, in the physical realm, there is another law that we seem to forget, and that we must contend with.


Newton’s third law of motion tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In physics, this means that when an object collides with a target, there is an equal force going into and away from the target at the same time.

This law actually applies to physical matter… but don’t we see it at play in our energetic reality as well?

Collectively, we created a massive shift in our reality the past 10 years. Yes, we did. And now we are experiencing, an equal and opposite reaction. A back lash, a pendulum swing. And didn’t that take us by surprise?

So what now?

Do we curl up in the fetal position under the covers and sleep through this perceived “darkness?”

Do we recharge our tanks, and go back in with the PUSH. Sending an equal and opposite surge back? And keep this power struggle alive?

I have been contemplating this while I hide in my bed, and again when I am pushing forward.

My first reaction is always, engage! Push forward! Hold my own! Resist! But it has finally dawned on me, because I am a slow learner, that neither of these ways are the answer. Ultimately, they end up keeping us on a hamster wheel; turning, turning, turning, yet going nowhere.

So what I am going to talk about today is a way to get off the wheel.

A path of transcendence

In his first discourse, the Buddha, describes the middle way as the path between the extremes ~ the path of wisdom.

The Middle Way acknowledges the paradox of the physical universe, but offers us a way to transcend it. We stop pushing, fighting, and struggling, and we also stop retreating, cowering, and hiding.

It explains that if we keep seeking happiness purely through indulgence, through our desires and our wants being fulfilled… getting our way… we are not free. And if we fight against ourselves and the world… we are not free.  As long as we are in one of the extremes we are trapped.

The Middle Way offers freedom, peace, wisdom, transcendence and an untouchable power. It allows us to be in the world but not of the world.

So this is not a call to action.

This is a call to stillness

I have talked about Source Field before… that is my verbiage for the Quantum Intelligent energy field that holds all things together. Some call it God, or Allah, Yahweh, the Tao…

I personally stopped calling it ‘God’ a long time ago after some very intense, personal experiences where I realized this Source Field is way beyond ALL of the boxes we put it in. No matter what your name for it, or concept of it is, you’ve limited it. We limit ‘God’ based on our extremely limited human understanding.

Some of us have really limited it by eliminating it altogether.

But from my personal~still limited~experience, the Source Field is neutral. It transcends every emotion, thought, idea, we carry and cling to. When you enter into a space where you can experience this, every burden, every limitation, is lifted. You no longer feel bound or stressed. You no longer have any comparing, competing, or contrasting thought.

It just IS. And that IS feels like bliss, like peace and love. But it is really just the absence of duality ~ the absence of the paradox.

So how do we step into that space, on a daily basis, on a moment’s notice?

You know what I am going to say.



Why? Why do this?

First: For your own good. You are feeling like shit in more ways you can describe. Who wants to feel that way?

Second: The World NEEDS your light! The light you shine, is unique, and necessary. It is not only for your own benefit that it shines, but also for the benefit of others. Your light, and the brighter it shines, has an exponential effect as it radiates out in the world. And let me say, by “light” I do not mean ‘happy.’ I do not mean ‘positive.’

I mean neutral. Light just is.

But when you dwell, when you wallow, when you check out, you dim that light. And you are affected, and the world around you is affected.

Third: The only way out of this seemingly chaotic stew we feel we are in, is by transcending it. And we can do this through The Middle Way. And we find that Middle Way through meditation.


I want to give you some visuals, some ideas, to help you feel this concept for yourself. Rather than me recording a guided meditation for you, find some music, sit in a comfortable chair, or lay down and take a load off. Then find one of the concepts below that resonates with you, and contemplate it.

SIDE NOTE: Meditation does not have to be ‘making your mind blank.’ It means stopping. Breathing. And even contemplating a higher idea. Give your mind something to explore.


In the beginning was the WORD…


the Holy Hum of the Universe.


And then… there was light.

The original manifestation. The first creation.

Think of light: a lamp on a table, the sun. They sit and they radiate.

The light that radiates out, does not push, or require change, it just illuminates because that is its very nature.

It doesn’t attack the darkness. It doesn’t devour it. The light is just light, and in being the light, darkness doesn’t exist in its space.

Light is neutral.

Think about you, being light. Radiating there in your space.

There is no darkness. It simply can’t exist.

Now think of me, being light, radiating in my space. Next to you. Together we expand the radius where darkness doesn’t exist.

We aren’t doing anything. We aren’t forcing an agenda or our values into the world. We are just tending to our vibration and radiating light.


Contemplate the river.

A river just flows.

It flows along a path of least resistance.

Down the mountain, over the cliff ~ the easiest route. It doesn’t fight with obstacles in its way. It doesn’t stop to lift the boulder, or fight with it, throw it out of its way. It doesn’t even acknowledge the obstacles.

It just flows.

Over time, because of the nature of its steady flowing, the landscape is affected. Without effort, reality bends to the river’s will.

Nature is neutral.

As the zen poem says,

Sitting quietly,

Doing nothing,

Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.



Everything in physical reality is a balanced mixture of Yin energy and Yang energy. A dance between the two natures. No matter which spot you are in there is always dark and light.

Except where these energies meet. That curvy tightrope between the realms. The middle way. The neutral, sweet spot.

The space between extremes: free from sorrow and suffering, between attachment and aversion, between free will and determination. The middle way is a resting place between the play of duality.

All opposites are interdependent. Yes… they need each other. We cannot have just sun and no night. Without sadness, how doesn one experience joy? This ‘conflict’ can never result in a complete victory for either side. There is always interplay between both sides.

In Eastern mysticism, a virtuous person is not one who only strives for the good and eliminates the bad. A virtuous person is one who maintains a dynamic balance between the two.1

It is walking that tightrope. Being in the world but not of it.

Meditation allows us to find that tightrope, and walk it gracefully.


Remember when you were first thrown in the water? You beat at it. You fought with it. You struggled against it. You were convinced it was going to kill you if you didn’t kick with all your might.

But at some point as you were learning, you rolled over onto our back and realized, you float! The water holds us. It supports us.

When you find the Middle Way, you realize that life is the sea, changing with the tides and rolling with the storms, and you can float upon it, with ease and grace.


So you know I am a Quantum Girl, but there is a Bible story that illustrates what I am talking about.

You know the one right? Jesus walking on water.

This story is told in the gospels of Mark, Matthew, and John. Same story, each told from a different perspective. But I am going to talk about the story in Matthew, because Peter is involved.

Peter was a disciple of Jesus.

So Jesus had just finished feeding 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, which is a miraculous story, because I could eat all that at one dinner!

So after this miracle, Jesus sends his disciples off to their boat, telling them to go on to the next tour stop without him. He’d catch up, but first he was gonna have some alone time on a mountain, just himself and the Big G.

(Side note: When you read the Gospels, (these are the first 4 books of the New Testament that tell Jesus’ story) take note of how much time Jesus spends alone, on mountains, in prayer and meditation. Really important.)

So while the disciples were out at sea, a storm came. And they were being tossed about on the waves and in the wind.

And they are freeeaking out, crying, you know, losing their shit. And they look out on the water and there’s Jesus, just strolling on the water like a boss.

And of course… they don’t recognize him. They think it’s a ghost or spirit and start freeeeaking out some more.

But Jesus calls out to them, “Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.” (Even I find this hysterical.)

Peter is like, “Dude, if its you, tell me to come out there with you.”

So Jesus says, “Come on out!”

And Peter steps out of the boat and walks on the water to Jesus.

Yes…. another man walked on water too!

But Peter sees the waves… and the wind… and his lack of a surfboard… freaks out again… and sinks.

And immediately Jesus takes hold of him and says,

“Why did you doubt?”


Yes, the seas are stormy. Chaos. Conflict. Intense displays of duality.

But you can transcend it.

Sure you may fall back in. You may get caught up in a big wave and sink into the churning yin/yang.

But find yourself and transcend it again.

When we find the middle path, we are in the world but not lost in it.  We can experience the complexity and drama, the tension and paradox. But instead of pushing for a resolution, pushing for our way… instead of hiding in our beds, covers over heads, waiting for it to pass… we relax, right in the middle way and stay open.

THAT is the miracle. That shift reverberates and radiates out into the world. And it gives other people permission to join you, in walking the stormy seas… like a boss.

The choice is yours

Wallow, cave, cower.

Fight, resist, push back.

Or transcend, allow, observe.

Does this mean we do not hold on to our righteous values?

Is this giving up?

Yes. And no.

Stepping out of the paradox, is some next level evolution.

And it creates a shift that is untouchable.


Love and Light,

1 The Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra pg. 146


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