GROUNDED! 5 Ways to Get Grounded in 5 Minutes

It is Day 5 of our 30 Day Finding Flow and Making Meaning Challenge! Hopefully you have been surprised at how easy it is to practice something soulful and nourishing for 5 minutes, 6 times a day. And hopefully, you are seeing some results from your efforts. An ease and flow to your day? Managing stress better? A sustained, elevated mood?

Today, I want to have a conversation about GROUNDING.

As I have talked about before, I am a 911 Public Safety Dispatcher. I work 11 hour shifts, weekends and holidays, with 10 hours of commute each week. And the nature of the job? Well, that takes a toll; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I never know what the day (or night) will bring.


I often tell people, I prepare for work like an NFL player prepares for a game. I suit up. Gotta put on the pads and the uniform, the big girl panties…

I have this soft, gooey interior, like an oreo or a jelly donut, and being that sensitive, well, you can be eaten alive by this career.

I know I am not alone in feeling this way, in my profession or even yours. The administrative assistant, the teacher, the CEO, the barista… we all have times in our careers where we feel we have to wear a suit of armour to get through a work day. The problem occurs when we keep that suit on longer than we have too…and it just stays on.

I’ve been there, living in the protective armour at all times. It made me feel hard, callous and brittle, and not myself.

It was important for me to reclaim my soft and open side, for myself, for my community and for my coworkers. To have boundaries and awareness without being hard and callous.


I have battled to balance the need to be prepared, alert and aware with being connected, open and soulfully myself.

That is why my Soul Flow practices are invaluable to me. 5 minutes. 6 times a day.

This week, one of my 6 is going to be GROUNDING. When we get caught up in our day and the BUZZiness of it all, all our energy moves to our head space. Grounding is a way of getting connected into your physical body and with the physical earth. It also pulls your energy back from your armour and defenses you may have built up around yourself.

5 Ways to Get Grounded in 5 Minutes or Less!


1. A 5 Minute Grounding Meditation

In an upright, seated position, with your back straight. Keep your arms and legs uncrossed, feet planted on the floor. Rest your hands in your lap.

Close your eyes and inhale….and exhale…..

I want you to think about your feet. Feel your feet, wiggle your toes and then place the whole surface of the bottom of each foot on the ground. Feel the whole bottoms of your feet connecting with the ground.

Move your awareness to the center of your head. Inhale… Exhale…

In your mind’s eye, picture yourself sitting in your chair and visualize a cord, or roots, or a line of energy extending from the base of your spine. If you are familiar with chakras, place it at your 1st Chakra.

Allow that root to grow effortlessly toward the Earth’s core. Watch connect to the center of the Earth and expand firmly anchoring into the Earth.

Take a deep slow breath….and exhale, allowing any and all unwanted energies in your body and space to fall away from your body. Watch all unwanted energies drop effortlessly to the Earth’s core and watch as the Earth incinerates it… recycling it into fresh energy.

Continue allowing your grounding cord to release energy. It does this automatically… without you having to control it.

Take a deep cleansing breath and  open your eyes.

2. Get Into Nature

Another way to get grounded, is to get outside and into nature. Take a walk in the park. Go out and mow the lawn or pull some weeds. Get your hands in the minerals of the dirt, literally in the ground, and discharge some of that excess static energy in your space.

3. Grounding Mats

I work in an environment surrounded by computers, technology, and electronics. Because of this, I bring a Grounding Mat to work and either put it under my bare feet at the console, or under my keyboard where I rest my arms.

Earthing Grounding Mat

4. Eat Your Veggies! 

Eat foods that are grown from the earth; fresh green veggies and root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, beets and turnips. These foods are not only good for you, they have grounding properties. Also be sure to take your vitamins AND MINERALS! Zinc, Iron, and Magnesium are all really crucial for your body functioning and mood balance.


My favorite instant groundifacation! Bare feet on green grass! You know, like we did all the time when we were native humans, hunting and gathering? Or what you probably DO remember ~ when you were a child running through the sprinklers and barefoot in the park?

There is nothing better than feeling the Earth pull the static energy from around you and feeling grounded again.

Try grounding before work, before meetings, before sleep and see if you notice a difference.

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Until then… get GROUNDED!

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