Finding Flow & Making Meaning 30 Day Challenge KICKOFF


It is T Minus 12 hours before the launch of the Finding Flow & Making Meaning 30 Day Challenge. And I am super-stoked!

You see, this little soul-system I created for cultivating FLOW in my life really turned things around for me very quickly. Today, I talk about what Flow is, why you want to be in it, is and how you can get started so you can join in the challenge.

It only takes 5 minutes, 6 times a day to start cultivating FLOW in your life.

The Finding Flow and Making Meaning 30 Day challenge is based on a system I created for myself and an ebook I wrote about it. The ebook, “Soul Flow” and it is available for FREE –––––> You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

I created this system out of desperation.

I really mean that.

Recently I found myself in a very disconnected state. Everything in my life was out of alignment; my work/life balance, my physical body, and almost every relationship I was involved in.

I felt overwhelmed, scattered, off-track and depleted. I suffered from insomnia, anxiety, and situational depression. I knew I needed to make some serious changes.

I craved feeling grounded and centered again~fulfilled, happy, and aligned.

The times that I felt most fulfilled and balanced in life were the times when I experienced FLOW on a regular basis.

What is FLOW?

FLOW is a term from positive psychology that describe the mental state of complete clarity, engagement and alertness we feel when doing an activity. You may have felt this before, when engaged in your favorite sport or hobby.

During this challenge, our goal is to create this state on a regular, possibly continuous basis, during our day.

Are you ready to feel more connected, in sync, and in flow?
Do you want to feel happier, more grounded, and positive throughout the day?
Do you want to handle stress better, sleep better and accomplish more?
Cultivating FLOW in your life could be the answer!


I invite you to join the challenge on Facebook at SOULSIDEOUTBLOG.

Until tomorrow!

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Shannan Sinclair is a writer, artist, Intuitive Consultant & Soul Coach. It is her soul-driven calling to collaborate in the spiritual blossoming of her fellow Evolutionaries. She offers live and online workshops, coaching, intuitive readings, and creates Soul Systems to help fulfill that mission. Download a FREE copy of "Soul Flow: A Workbook for Creating a Lifestyle the Nourishes Your Soul" In her free time, she raised up two soul beings into beautiful, strong, capable women, teaches Zumba & is a 911 Dispatcher.

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