10 Things I Am Crushing On – November

#1  The Happy Planner

I am addicted to being organized! I swear, October barely arrives and I am chomping at the bit to getting a new planner. For 2016 I bought a copy of the planner I had for 2015. It was the right size, I liked month layout and the weekly layout and thought it was good enough for another 12 month commitment. When I finished putting my yearly work schedule in it without making a single mistake, I should have known… something was wrong.
The next day I saw my coworkers planner. It was love at first sight. I literally salivated over it. Not only did I buy myself one, I bought my daughter one. And because of my gushing enthusiasm, I convinced 2 more people they MUST HAVE this planner. And now, YOU!
Create 365’s The Happy Planner is BIG, Beautiful, and juicy! There are so many reasons why I love this planner.
  • It’s pretty! Inside and out. I love the covers and the designs and quotes on the dividers. There are several versions to choose from. I purchased the Gold Foil Dots, which reminds me of a Kate Spade purse, but changed the cover so mine would look different from my daughter’s.

  • Interchangeable covers. I purchased a package of 4 different covers, for in case I get bored during the year.
  • Ability to add pages/inserts!!! This opens up sooooo many possibilities! I purchased some folders to put bills and other loose papers. With the Levenger Circa Punch you can create your own pages and add them to your planner.
  • Expandable – larger rings/discs can be purchased, which means more pages!
  • Removable pages. I didn’t need July through October, so….OUT!
  • Monthly/weekly views.
  • Morning/afternoon/night divisions on the daily sections.
  • It lays flat. or…
  • You can fold it over on itself, like a notebook.
  • Tabs for each month.
  • The disc/rings have hearts in the center!
  • The weekends are set apart from the rest of the week.
  • The paper is thick and can handle your pens and highlighters.

This is not just a wonderful planner, it also serves as a great memory keeper! Now that my kids are grown, I don’t make scrapbooks, but I do save my planners so I can go back and remember all the things actually did during the year. This planner has lots of space to journal, to add stickers and lists, or even photos!


Super SUPER happy about my Happy Planner!


#2  Ear Candy – Justin Bieber

Never ever ever ever thought I would be a fan of the Biebs, but his song “Sorry” has made it onto my Zumba Playlist and his album “Purpose” is on my Commute Jams.

#3  The Podcast – Rob Bell

Ever since he BLEW ME AWAY with his “Everything is Spiritual” presentation, I have been an avid listener of The Robcast. I seriously look forward to it each week. His week-long series “The Forgiving Flow” is exceptional, and last week’s “God Part 1” was fantastic. While I am not a traditional Christian, I am a Jesus Freak and Bible reader and I absolutely LOOOOVE Rob’s way of interpreting scripture and applying it to our lives. He sets the gospel in a cosmic framework, not just a human salvation framework.

#4  The Read – Love Wins by Rob Bell

If you find yourself contemplating ‘the Christmas story” with the holidays approaching, I recommend any of Rob Bell’s books. He definitely puts the “Good News” back into the mix. Uplifting. Life-affirming. Inspiring.

#5  Binge TV – Fargo Season 1

Watchable in one sitting, so you can catch up with Season 2. Every character leaves a mark on your soul.

#6  The Blog – Here & Now.Life

Janine L. Turner has been traveling the world for one year. Her documentation of the adventure is stunning. Simply gorgeous photos of each location. Her Instagram Gallery @WanderlustArt_JLT is equally beautiful. She calls herself a visual poet. This is truth!

#7  Gift Idea – Sketchbox

Know an artist, or wannabe artist? I subscribed to Sketchbox last month and love it! My November box included several Montana Acrylic Pens & a Bimoji Calligraphy pen, two products I have never used before. The pens are a dream come true! I can hardly wait for my December box. If you know someone who would like to play more, gift them a couple of months! *Hint hint*
Check them out at getsketchbox.com. Use the code DONTGO to get 10% off your order!

#8  New Crush – Bill Hader


I guess I’m late to this party. Both my daughters told me that they have had a crush on him since SNL. And although I do find funny a huge turn on, Hader did not seem like good romantic “heart throb” material to me. I watched “Trainwreck” with Amy Schumer and fell in love. I’d totally do him.

Trainwreck was worth watching. Besides the new man-crush, Schumer is funny, and LeBron James and John Cena were both hilarious, as well.

#9  App – Mextures

My Canon 6D is almost obsolete. With the convenience and quality of my iPhone, couple with some of the most powerful apps around, I rarely pull it out anymore.

Mextures is a texture overlay app that lets you add grit, grain, light leaks, etc, to enhance or grunge up your photos.

By: Khürt Williams



There are so many possibilities with this app, as I am learning it, it is becoming a favorite. Here is a good TUTORIAL for learning to play with Mextures.

#10  What’s Next?

A new car. I have been writing this post while sitting at the tire store. Been sitting here almost 4 HOURS!!!!!!

Just heard back from The Dude. My back shocks are shot, 2 tires I just bought a year ago – fucked, and it needs “cams” in the back. $500 to fix.
The bug has almost 200,000 miles on it now, and I have been trying to just push her a bit further because my commute is so bad and the roads right now are just ridiculous! I am resisting a new car because I don’t want to jack it up on the terrible roads.
But it may be time.
Any suggestions???
Until next!
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